Where to buy 00 flour?

Where to buy 00 flour

You cannot deny how much 00 flour is important in making a high-quality pizza or pasta. The traditional Neapolitan pizza is incomplete without this flour. Thus, type 00 flour is very popular with American pizza makers. But it can be tricky finding one in the store.

Some grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and specialty stores have 00 flour available. You can also look for online stores like Amazon for authentic Italian 00 flour.

NameBest forPrice
King Arthur 00 Pizza Flour 3lbMost available and USA grown flour$8
Antimo Caputo Chef’s FlourBest and authentic one for a Neapolitan pizza at home$9
Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Case of 10)Best for bulk order$34
Giusto’s Vita-Grain Organic “00” Unbleached Pizza Flour, 5lb BagLower price for much value$11
Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour 55 LB Blue Bulk BagBest for making pizza in a wood oven$89

What to look for before buying 00 flour?

Flour type: In the USA, you will find two types of flour written on the packet- hard and soft. For making a crunchy and soft pizza crust and pasta, you’ll need the hard 00 flour. Hard flour refers to more gluten content, thus making more room for holding air.

Gluten content: Only getting hard flour won’t ensure you the chewiest crust. You need 10-13% of gluten in the flour. This percentage is ideal and gives you the perfect outcome.

However, don’t go higher than 13%, the crust will be very chewy and have almost no room for crunch.

Temperature intake: Traditional Neapolitan pizza is made at a very high temperature. So look in the packaging of how much temperature the 00 flour can withstand.

Fermentation time: Your flour should have the label of long fermentation friendly somewhere in the package.

Finishing:  Perhaps you are already aware of this one. The double zero flour should feel like baby powder. There should be no course whatsoever. And 00 flour is the purest of all flour.

Origin: Although nowadays 00 flour is made in the USA, the Italian double zero or Tipo 00 is the most authentic one.

What aisle is 00 flour in?

Like any other flour, you’ll get 00 flour in the baking aisle. You should look at the dry baking ingredients. Double zero flour is beside all-purpose flour, almond flour, or bread flour.

You can also find it besides baking mixes. Like cake mix, pizza crust mix.

Also, check for 00 flour in the pantry aisle. This flour is famous for making pasta. So you might find it near pasta, whole wheat.

Where to buy 00 flour?


Want that bubbly, crispy but also chewy crust? You should try Antimo Caputo Chef’s Flour. It’s a bit on the pricier side. But after seeing the result, you’ll be satisfied for sure. Amazon also sells Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Case of 10). Perfect if you are a homemade pizza maker.

You may also try King Arthur 00 Pizza Flour. This is grown in the USA. But has many good reviews. Arthur king is cheaper compared to the famous Caputo flour. It has 11.5% of protein, perfect to add chewiness to your Neapolitan pizza.

There are other price options available on Amazon. Like Giusto’s Vita-Grain Organic “00” Unbleached Pizza Flour, 5lb Bag, 2 PACK CLASSICA TIPO 00 Flour.


Walmart has a great collection of the famous Caputo brand. This is an Italian brand and gives you the authentic style pasta and pizza. For making pasta, I would recommend 00 Antimo Caputo Pasta & Gnocchi Flour 2.2 Lb Bag. This is a type 00 flour and specializes in pasta.

Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Case of 10) is available here too. Although the price is slightly higher than that of Amazon.

You can also try Farina Extra Fine Flour TIPO “00” (Anna) 2.2 lb (1 kg). This flour will also withstand high temperatures. Thus making it a suitable product for traditional pizzas.


Despite having numerous types and brands of flour, 00 flour isn’t that popular in Kroger. You’ll mostly get the uncommon ones here. Like Delallo Organic Type 00 Flour, La Tua Farina 00 Soft Wheat Pizza Flour, Anna 00 Flour – Case of 10 – 2.2 Lb, and lastly the popular King Arthur Neopolitan-Style ’00’ Pizza Flour.


Instacart has a wide range of 00 flour for us. What caught my eye is there is an option of buying unbranded double zero flour from Instacart. Famous brands cost you much higher than all-purpose flour.

You can also give a shot to Pols Blue 00 Flour, LorAnn Gourmet 00 Flour, and Caputo 00 Flour.


Safeway also offers different brands of 00 flour. You will find the famous brands here, in the condiments, spice, and bake aisle. King Arthur 00 flour, Caputo 00 Flour – 1 Kg, Anna Napoletana Tipo 00 Flour.

Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop only has the King Arthur 00 flour. This flour is the USA grown, that’s why it is more available than any other brand.


Wholefoods has some unique brands in their store. Hayden Flour Mill White Sonora Type 00 Flour comes in a regal packaging. Although it says pastry flour on the package, you can use it for pizza and pasta as well.

Another one is MOLINO GRASSI 00 Italian Flour, 2.2 lb. It’s only $4 per 2.2lb pack. I must say this is a steal.


HEB is another option if these stores above are far from you. Anna Napoletana Tipo “00” Extra Fine Flour is on the pantry aisle. There is also Caputo 00 flour in the same aisle.

You can always use all-purpose flour for your everyday baking. But adding 00 flour into your pantry will make a dramatic change for sure. You can use any brand of your choice. But Caputo is the most renowned and King Arthur is the most available 00 flour.

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