Where To Buy Chamoy?

Where To Buy Chamoy

What’s better than hot sauce? Chamoy. It is the ultimate sauce you have to try. You won’t find a similar combination of sweet, sour, and spice anywhere other than this Mexican blessing. If you think I’m exaggerating, just wait until you taste chamoy.

Chamoy is the condiment you can put on every food, or even taste alone.  So where you’ll find this amazing sauce?

Every big grocery stores keep chamoy. (Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and so on). There are special Mexican grocery shops or restaurants, you’ll find chamoy there. And lastly, the online stores- Amazon, Mexgrocer have a wide variety of chamoy.

NameBest forPrice
Suprema Chamoy Rim DipBest chamoy for dipping snacks$13
Chamoy chilito sirilo steviaBest sugar free chamoy$11
Salsita De Chamoy Mega Chamoy Sauce 32 OzBest easy to get option and cheaper$7
EL CHILERITO Sauce Chamoy Flavor 1L/ 33.8 Fl. Oz + Sauce Chamoy Mango FlavorBest duo and value for money$16
Premium Chamoy GushiezBest chamoy snacks ( best mess free option)$10

What to look for before buying chamoy?

Expiration date: Yes chamoy is tasty, and healthy too to some extent. But don’t get too excited spotting a chamoy on the aisle. Check the expiration date first.

A big part of the chamoy ingredient is fruits, which tend to expire quickly. Especially the runny textured chamoy.

Consistency: Chamoy comes in different consistency- runny like hot sauce, thick like mayonnaise, powder for sprinkle, and, soft-hard which is mainly a candy.

Runny chamoy is used for spreading all over fruits, nuts, and pretty much every dish.

A thicker chamoy is great for dipping snacks and vegetables. You can also buy chamoy powder if you don’t like messy hands. 

Chamoy powder is best for adding on top of drinks and salads.  And the chamoy candy is suitable for every age.

Ingredient: Almost every chamoy has red dye in them. Although it is mostly food grade and doesn’t do much harm, you should be aware of that. Depending on your sensitivity to food color, you may avoid the sauce.

Also, chamoy contains some fruits like mango, tamarind, or plum. If you have allergy issues with these fruits, you rather not try them.

Another thing I would like to say is that chamoy looks very spicy, but the spice isn’t as much it shows. However, Chamoy is a Mexican sauce, and you should check the heat level on the bottle.

What aisle is chamoy in grocery stores?

Chamoy is regarded as a spicy sauce in the USA grocery stores. So you’ll get chamoy in the condiments, sauce, and spice aisle.  Chamoy is also available in the international aisle. Look beside the Mexican food or Latino foods section.

Chamoy powder and candy are available in the candy aisle. The fruit-flavored and sour candy section has chamoy in it. You’ll also get chamoy in the pantry aisle.

Where to buy chamoy?


When it comes to buying chamoy online, Amazon is the best solution. They have chamoy for every occasion and every preference.

EL CHILERITO Sauce Chamoy has comparatively good reviews on amazon. It is of a runny consistency. Perfect for seasoning salads and fruits. Salsita De Chamoy Mega Chamoy Sauce and Tajin sauce are also available on Amazon.

Chamoy chilito sirilo stevia is the thing if you’re health-conscious. The sugar is replaced with stevia and still tastes accurate.

Now that I’ve mentioned chamoy sauces, it’s time for some dips. 

Suprema Chamoy Rim Dip is the best one you can get at Amazon. It has a mango flavor. Suprema Chamoy Rim Dip Tamarind Paste is the same brand with tamarind flavor.

There are chamoy candies on amazon. I recommend Premium Chamoy Gushiez. It’s a mess-free candy or a snack with zero time consumption.


For runny chamoy sauce, go for these-

Salsita De Chamoy Mega Chamoy Sauce 32 Oz,


La Guacamaya Chamoy Sauce

And lastly Tajin Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. Note that Tajin chamoy is cheaper in Walmart. Mega Chamoy Original Sauce is also a popular one.


Kroger has different brands of chamoy available in their condiments and sauce aisle. Although Kroger doesn’t have Tajin sauce. You can try the Mega chamoy sauce.

Lucas Sweet & Sour Chamoy Packages 10 Count is a chamoy candy. I found it in the gummy and chewy candy section of the candy aisle.


Instacart has Tajin sauce, which is only $2 for each bottle. They also have Bokados Chamoy( Cheaper than Tajin), Mega Chamoy Sauce.

You can also have chamoy candy here, like First Street Mango Chamoy.


Safeway has both chamoy candy and sauce. Lucas Candy Powder is a great salad enhancer. Lucas Muecas Lollipop With Chili Powder Chamoy is a chamoy lollipop.

For enjoying snacks and fruits, try El Chilerito Sauce Chamoy and Mega Sauce Chamoy. Mega chamoy contains Xanthum gum, Fructose syrup, red pepper, and red color.


Surprisingly, Costco has Tajin powder. 2 bottles of Tajin powder will cost you only $8. However, this product isn’t available in every state. You have to input the state zip code to check.

Whole Foods

Whole Food has only one brand of chamoy, Ricante Hot Sauce Chamoy Sauce. This is made in Costa Rica.


This is an online website specializing in Mexican foods. You’ll find authentic chamoy here, which includes candy, powders, and sauce.

You must try Miguelito Chamoy Powder from here. I didn’t find it in any grocery stores.

Chamoy is easily available in various stores now. With the growing demand, it has many duplicates. Especially the Tajin brand. So buy only from authentic stores. I would say runny chamoy should be bought offline for delivery issues. But for dips and candies, go online.

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