Where to buy chocolate-covered strawberries?

Where to buy chocolate-covered strawberries

Love strawberries? Love chocolates? Then what can be better than chocolate-covered strawberry! This elegant-looking chocolate is super popular as a gift. It can be your partner or your parents. Strawberries covered in chocolate are an appropriate gift for all occasions.

This article covers all the aspects of chocolate-covered strawberries. From where to buy it to how to choose the best one, we got you.

NameBest forPrice
Golden State Fruit Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 Dark/Milk/White DelightBest combination pack$36
Golden State Fruit 12 Dreamy Dark Chocolate Covered StrawberriesHealthiest option$35
Golden State Fruit Nuts About Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 6 BerriesWhen you love that extra crunch$26
12 Happy Birthday Chocolate Covered StrawberriesBirthday gift$36
Golden State Fruit Love Bites Chocolate Covered StrawberriesValentine’s gift$36

What to look for before buying chocolate-covered strawberries?

Expiry date: Usually chocolate has a long expiration date. But strawberry has high water content, which makes them a good home for bacteria. So you should seek freshly made chocolate-covered strawberries.

Smell: Strawberries tend to ripen very quickly. Especially in warm humid weather. If an odor is coming from your strawberry box, I would recommend not buying them. This fruity and mushy odor indicates the strawberries are over ripen.

These tips will come in handy when the box is opaque so you cannot see the strawberries inside them.

Not the frozen one: Yes, I am saying not to buy the frozen one. Frozen strawberries become thawed. And the chocolate becomes so hard you cannot bite it. 

I am suggesting not to buy the frozen one because it looks perfect from the outside.

But when you keep the box at normal room temperature, the strawberry lets out its water (sweating). This makes the outer part, the chocolate layer come off.

Please don’t get confused between the frozen and the refrigerated strawberry. Refrigerated strawberries will not cause this hazard.

Toppings: Some brands use nuts and coconut crumbles on top of the chocolate. Be extra careful about allergy issues.

Strawberry with dark chocolate covering is the healthiest one in my opinion.

Color: As the whole strawberry is covered in chocolate, you won’t see the color of it. But here is a trick. Look at the topmost part of the strawberry, near the stem. If it is green instead of red, this means the strawberry isn’t fully ripened.

What aisle is chocolate-covered strawberry in?

Chocolate-covered strawberry is available in the candy aisle of any grocery store. I found it beside the chocolate covered snacks.

You will also find it in the bakery aisle of some grocery stores. The berry with chocolate will be in the sweet goods and snack aisle.

Some stores carry chocolate dipped strawberry in their frozen food section. But as I said before, don’t buy the frozen one.

There is a possibility you will find chocolate-covered strawberries in the produce aisle

Where to buy chocolate covered strawberries?


Amazon has Golden State Fruit Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 Dark/Milk/White Delight. This comes in three different chocolate coating- white, dark and, milk chocolate. These dipped and drizzled strawberries are perfect for any occasion.

The same brand offers other varieties as well. Like Golden State Fruit Love Bites Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Fun Size), 18 Berries is perfect for your valentine.

This comes in 6 strawberries with a red heart, 6 with milk chocolate covering, and the last 6 with white chocolate and pink sugar. Golden State Fruit Love Bites is the prettiest chocolate you can get for your loved ones.

You can also get dark chocolate covering strawberries from the same brand. They also sell Ghirardelli chocolate covered ones.


Can’t think of a gift for your chocolate lover husband or father? Gift him From You Flowers – Chocolate Swizzle Strawberries For Him. The box comes with 12 strawberries covered in Belgium chocolate and a blue swizzle decoration.

Andy Anand Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries are triple coated with chocolate! So it is more chocolatey than other brands.

From You Flowers – Ultimate Assortment Chocolate Covered Strawberries is best for a birthday gift. Not only your kids, but the whole crowd will fall for these assorted gems.

Walmart also has many other brand’s strawberries available in their candy aisle.


Kroger has Chocolate Dipped Strawberries in their fresh fruits and vegetable aisle. The strawberries are decorated as a tuxedo, so they look pretty unique.

Kroger also has Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Tray in the bakery aisle. You will get it in the party tray section. It is a mix of both chocolate covered and normal strawberries.


Instacart has chocolate covered strawberries available in many sizes. You can get it in their fresh produce aisle. Also in the candy aisle.


Fresh Cut Strawberries Chocolate Covered 8-9 Count – 14 Oz and Bakery Chocolate Covered Strawberry 12 Count is available in Safeway.


Classic Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries 12-count. It is cheaper than other stores as well.

Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop also have chocolate-dipped strawberries on their website and store. They don’t come in any brand name.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s has Gone Berry Crazy, dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces. You will find it in the frozen food section. They are ready to eat. Comes in a plastic sealer.

Shari’s Berries

This store specializes in chocolate covered strawberries. You can buy a larger quantity from this store. Be it birthday or Valentine’s Day, they prepare strawberries for almost any occasion.

I will recommend their birthday specials. They are too pretty and can be a perfect gift.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a healthier choice. These are pretty looking and taste amazing. The combination of these two is heavenly. A little bit of crunch, the sourness of strawberry, and the sweetness of chocolate. So enjoy this amazing dessert right now.

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