Where To Buy Gyro Meat?

Where To Buy Gyro Meat

Traditional Gyro meat is the combination of lamb and beef, sometimes only beef or only chicken. This popular meat is usually sliced and seasoned with spices, herbs, pepper, and salt. Although it is known in different names in different countries, all the food lovers across the world love this traditional meat. Either you put gyro slices with tzatziki sauce in a salad or eat by filling pita bread, gyro slices are perfect for lunch, dinner, or any meal. 

Today we’ll tell you which stores sell gyro meat and where you can find them online. In addition, we will tell you which aisles should you check to buy gyros slices at the supermarket.  

What To Look For While Buying Gyro Meat?

When you’ve found the right place to buy Gyro meat, there are some essential factors to consider. Make sure to check these factors while buying Gyros slices from a supermarket or online shop. 

Allergen Information

It’s crucial to check the allergen information to avoid any harmful reaction. The ingredient list and allergen information are usually written on the product label. One might have an allergy to one of the ingredients used in the Gyros slices. Therefore, checking the product details can save you from any adverse circumstance. 

Cooking Process

Checking the cooking process is another essential factor because some brands provide cooked gyros slices and some of them need to be cooked. However, you need to check the cooking procedure to ensure whether the cooking process is convenient for you or not. 

Brand Rating

The taste and quality of gyro meat may vary depending on the brand. However, if you buy gyro slices from any online store, make sure to check the customer rating and reviews. Brands with higher ratings and positive reviews tend to be more reliable. 

Meat Quantity

It’s better to check the quantity and servings per container to meet your demand. As there are several brands of gyro slices available, they sell them in different quantities. Therefore, you should check the item quantity and buy according to your need.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Gyro Meat In?

The first place to search for traditional gyros slices is the frozen food aisle of a supermarket. There can be several sections in the frozen food aisle such as frozen veggies, frozen meat, frozen fruits, juice, and drinks, etc. Therefore, you need to search in the frozen meat section of a super shop to buy gyro slices. 

Gyro slices can also be found in the processed food section of a supermarket as it is seasoned with spices and herbs. However, you can search in the processed food section where kebabs, nuggets, and other processed items are found. 

Which Stores Sell Gyro Meat?

Today, almost every super shop sells Gyro slices of various brands. Here is the list of some supermarkets and online stores that sells Gyro meat near you. 


Walmart will definitely sell different brands of authentic Gyro meat at their stores. If you can’t find Gyro meat in your nearest Walmart store, you can order from their online site. You can get Kronos Krono Gyro Slices, Opaa Readycarved Gyro Slices, Kronos Gyros Kit, and other brands in Walmart. 


On amazon, you can find Kronos Authentic Gyros Slices, Halal Beef & Lamb Gyro by Midamar, Halal Off The Cone Beef & Lamb Gyro Slices, and other popular brands. 


This online site sells various brands of gyro meat including pita bread and gyro kit. You can buy an entire gyro kit with pita bread and sliced meat from kroger.com. Kronos Gyros Kit with Pita Bread and Tzatziki sauce, Midamar Halal Beef & Lamb Gyros, and other gyros are available here. 


In this online store, you can find various brands of gyros meat such as Devanco Cooked Gyros Slices, Sliced Gyro Meat, Kronos Gyro Slices, etc. 

Thrive Market 

If you want to make gyro slices by yourself at home, you will need gyro seasoning. In this store, you can find fantastic quality gyro meat mixtures such as Primal Palate Seasoning


Kronos Gyro Slices, Al Safa Halal Beef Gyro Slices, and other popular brands are available on safeway.com


Kronos Premium Sliced Frozen Beef Gyro, Opaa Gyro Kit with Pita Bread, Grecian Delight Beef Gyro Sandwich, and many other options are available in this store. 

Shepherd song farm

If you can’t find gyro slices near you, shepherdsongfarm.com has you covered. You can get any quantity of Lamb Gyro Slices delivered to your door from this site. 


Corfu Gyro Cooked & Sliced, Gyro Raw Loaf, Kronos Gyros Slices, and many options are available at their stores and online site. 


Kronobroil Gyros Slice, Devanco Gyro Cooked Slices, and other brands are available on this reliable site. 

Wrap up

Homemade gyro meat is always a pleasure. Nowadays, raw meat may not be available in every area. However, if you can’t find raw meat for making gyro, you can order online or search in these stores. These stores will certainly sell gyro meat so that you can make sandwiches and enjoy gyro slices anytime you want.

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