Where To Buy Lard?

Where To Buy Lard

We’ve used enough butter and shortenings in our recipes. Now we are looking for a substitute to add fat to our dishes. Turns out, old-fashioned lard is the solution. Not only lard is cheaper, but it is a secret of many popular dishes.

Previously, lard was available only in butcher shops. But nowadays, many big grocery stores stock lard. You can even go to your local butcher shops for lard.

NameBest forPrice
Proper Food’s – 100% Pure Leaf LardBest non-hydrogenated lard$24
Armour Lard 4 lb PailBest widely available and affordable$18
Cornhusker Kitchen Mangalitsa’s Pork Fat Best kettle-rendered lard$23
Canadian Tenderflake Pure Bakers LardBest lard for making pie crust$20
Rendering’s Gold Label Leaf LardBest leaf lard$23

What to look for before buying lard?

The types: Lard can be divided into mostly three types. Unrendered, rendered, and leaf lard.

The unrendered lard is straightly cut from the fatty side of pork. It can be cut from pig belly or pig buttock. It has a strong pork flavor and lingering taste.

The rendered type is made by melting the fat which is attached to the meat. This type doesn’t have any strong flavor. It is mostly flavorless and odorless. So you can substitute it for butter and vegetable shortening.

And lastly, leaf lard is a special type of lard. It is creamy and great for baking purposes. Leaf lard is used as a secret ingredient in pie crust and baked goods.

Hydrogenated lard: You shouldn’t eat hydrogenated lard regularly. Because it contains more bad trans fats, which are bad for your heart health.

It’s better to buy non-hydrogenated lard if you find any.

What aisle is lard in?

You’ll find lard in the cooking oil and vinegar section in the pantry aisle. Lard is available beside butter and vegetable shortening.

The baking aisle also carries lard in it. Both margarine and lard are used to make puff pastries.

You may check the international aisle and the meat aisle. Lard is 100% originated from pork. So there is a chance you’ll get it in the meat aisle.

In the international aisle, lard can be named Manteca.

Where to buy lard?


Proper Food’s – 100% Pure Leaf Lard is the ultimate lard for baking. If you compare it with other lards at a grocery store, it doesn’t smell at all. Also, there isn’t any greasy mouthfeel after using this lard. This refined lard is worth every penny.

For a more generalized use, South Chicago Packing Iberico Lard can be a good choice. It is a rendered lard. This means it won’t smell so you don’t need to bound yourself to use it only bakery.

Epic Provisions, Lard Pork can be another affordable option. If you’re looking for lard for regular uses, Armour Lard 4 lb, and Goya Manteca Refined Lard, 2.5 Pound can save your money. These brands perform pretty well. The smell and taste of lard aren’t overpowering.

Hatfield Bucket Lard 5 Gallon is a bit pricy. But the quality is also higher than other brands. It can be a smart purchase if you use lard regularly. Hatfield has 8 years of the expiry date.


Walmart has some supermarket lard in their cooking oil and vinegar aisle. You can try Morrell Snow Cap Lard for various uses. Although it’s hydrogenated lard, it performs like other high-quality lard.

Some people use it for baking. You can use John Morrell lard for stir fry or roasting. Even soap making requires lard. If you’re going to use lard regularly, or for a big project, try John Morrell Snow Cap Lard, 4 lb. 

It is indeed an affordable option. You’re getting this huge box of 4 lb lard in %5 only.

Farmer John Premium Lard and Goya Lard is another one available in Walmart. These are smaller in size.

For more premium lard, Fatworks Premium Pork Cooking Oil is kettle-rendered lard. This lard is non-hydrogenated, so a bit on the pricier side.

If a 4lb lard isn’t enough for you, Walmart got your back. Armour Hydrogenated Lard, 25 Lb comes in a huge tub. 


Kroger also has a big tub of lards available. You can give the old-fashioned and famous Armour® Lard a try. Some other brands are available at Kroger-

John Morrell Snow Cap Lard, 8 lb

EPIC Berkshire Pork Lard Cooking Oil

Fischer’s Lard, 3 lb


Safeway has the most common Armour Star Lard. This one comes in a variety of sizes. You can buy it in a 16 oz tub, or a whopping 25 lb of the tub is also available.

There is also Armour Premium All-Natural Lard.  

Epic Cooking Fat Organic Pork Fat can be your go-to butter substitute. The price is slightly higher than other brands. But you get according to your money.


Fortunately, Costco does have other brands of lard available, aside from Armour. Fry-King Refined Lard, 50 lbs, Viva General Purpose Lard, 48 lbs, and Saporito Deodorized Lard 20 kg are all cooking lards. 

You can use these big tubs for deep frying or baking.

Whole Foods, Target, Stop and Shop also has Armour lard available in their cooking oil aisle. You can also find them beside vegetable shortening and butter.

Top 10 Lards To Buy Today

I’m very happy about lards’ comeback. Because lard is very affordable if compared to shortening and cooking oil. But lard results in a better, flakier pie crust. This is the reason I prefer lard in baking. Proper Food’s – 100% Pure Leaf Lard is my go-to lard. 

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