Where To Buy MCT Oil?

Where To Buy MCT Oil

With the growing industry of ketogenic diet, every day new things are added to the list. New sources of oils are discovered for better health, like MCT oil.

MCT is a healthy oil that helps with weight loss, energy boost, and skincare too. And where you’ll find this magic potion, I mean oil? 

Every big grocery store and specialty store has MCT oil today. And not just oil, supplement and powders are available too, both online and offline stores.

NameBest forPrice
Nature’s Way Organic MCT OilBest MCT oil at affordable price$13
Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT OilBest purified and hexane free MCT oil$34
Organic MCT Oil PowderMCT oil powder to make creamy coffee$29
Nutricost MCT Oil Softgels 1000mgBudget friendly MCT oil supplement$11
Nutiva Organic MCT Oil,Best MCT oil for regular use$62

What to look for before buying MCT oil?

The slower the better: Unlike our regular cooking oil, MCT oil is a medium chained oil. You can’t abruptly use it in all of your dishes. Our digestive system takes time to get used to a new compound.

If you use MCT oil in your salad, coffee, and cooking from the very first day, your stomach may not be able to handle it. Start with only 1ts.

Not for deep fry: MCT oil has a low burning point. You cannot burn or fry any meat or fish in this oil properly. The oil will get burnt instead.

This oil can be a substitute for olive oil and butter. Like olive oil, you can stir fry your veggies in MCT oil.

Harsh solvents: The fractionation process is used to make MCT oil from coconut or palm oil. A carbon-based solvent oil is used in the meantime. High-quality MCT oils drain the solvents later. Thus, You get a pure bottle of MCT oil.

However, some cheap companies don’t take that extra care. As a result, Hexane remains in the oil.

So a good brand is necessary in this regard. Also, check for hexane-free labels.

The formula: When we think of oil, it is natural to imagine a transparent bottle filled with oil. But you’ll find MCT oil in capsules, powder, and normal bottles.

What aisle is MCT oil in?

MCT oil is scattered in a wide range at grocery stores. With its different formulas and purpose, a whole lot of aisle contains MCT oil.

So, the first aisle you should look into is the superfoods and cleanses aisle. MCT oil is available here with another bunch of health-savers. This aisle is the ideal one for all keto-lovers.

The next aisle I found MCT oil at is the cooking oil and vinegar aisle. Here you’ll get large-sized bottles of liquid MCT oils. You should look into this aisle if you’re buying MCT oil for cooking purposes.

For small bottles, capsules, and powders, the weight management aisle is the perfect one.

Also, if your grocery store has any keto supplement aisle, you’ll get MCT oil there.

Where to buy MCT oil?


From a wide variety of MCT oils, I chose the Nature’s Way Organic MCT Oil first

Why? Because of its low price point and efficient result. This is an organic oil without any hexane added. The company declares the oil is free from filler oils too.

Nature’s Way Organic MCT Oil is 100% potent and comes in a regular oil bottle. It has cypric and cyprilic acid.

Another great MCT oil is Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil. This oil works as an amazing energy booster. The bulletproof company triple distills their oil, so there isn’t any filler oil.

Also, this oil is made from refined coconut oil. No palm oils were added.

If you’re not into oils, try Organic MCT Oil Powder from Micro Ingredients brand. This brand produces a high-quality powder that dissolves into the coffee. 

Some of us aren’t comfortable adding oils to coffee. For us, this works as a great coffee creamer.

For a budget-friendly option, Nutricost Premium MCT Oil Powder is a great one. This powder is also a great additive to your smoothie. It somewhat thickens the texture of my coffee. It doesn’t have any flavor or weird taste.

There is also high-quality supplement available on Amazon. Horbaach Keto MCT Oil Capsules has 300 soft gels in a bottle.


Kiss My Keto MCT Softgels is a great way to lose weight. You’ll find the product in the keto supplement aisle of Walmart. Many people have improved their appetite and lost weight by Kiss my Keto capsules.

Sports Research MCT Oil is a very transparent brand I like. They provide all the information regarding the oil. This oil is made from 100% organic coconut. It’s also unflavored. It contains Caprylic Acid 5.6 gm, Capric acid 3.7 gm, and, Lauric acid 4gm.

Zatural MCT Oil comes in a 1-gallon bottle! The biggest one I’ve seen so far. This oil is ideal for makeup remover and skin care and body massage.

Keto Zone – MCT Oil Powder is a sugar-free creamer you can alternate.


Unlike Walmart, Kroger doesn’t have too many brands. Their MCT oils are available in the vitamin and supplement aisle. You can try-

Nutiva® Unflavored Organic MCT Oil

Nature’s Way MCT Oil Packets

NOW Sports MCT Oil Dietary Supplement


Natures Way Mct Oil  is the best MCT oil you can find in your budget. They provide high-quality oil, without any fillers. This is a product of Sri Lanka.

Sports Research MCT Oil is another product to try. It comes in a bigger bottle than Natures Way, a 32 oz. c8, c10, and c12 acids are diluted in the oil. The company provides the actual grams you’re getting from each serving.

Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil is 100% Caprylic Acid Triglycerides from Highly Refined Coconut Oil.

Other grocery stores, such as Target, Whole Foods, and Costco has MCT oil and supplement available. Among them, the Bulletproof brand is the most common one. You can either buy it online or straight from the shop.

Top 10 MCT Oils To Buy Today

MCT oil is easily available in big grocery stores and on Amazon. You can interchange the formula you like. In my experience, Natures Way MCT oil has worked great for me. I use it in my salad frequently. But I don’t like oily coffee, so I add MCT powder to add the goodness.

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