Where To Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Where To Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine

The dry January movement, health issues, and many other reasons have driven people away from alcohol. Although more people are leaning towards a healthy lifestyle, most of us don’t want to completely avoid wine. So non-alcoholic wine is a better option.

You’ll get to drink the wine but without the hangover mess. 

Nowadays, most big grocery stores stock non-alcoholic wine. Liquor shops and bars can also have this. Numerous online stores are selling non-alcoholic or less alcoholic wines today.

NameBest forPrice

Sutter Home Fre Premium Red Blend Non-alcoholic Wine
Best budget friendly non-alcoholic red wine$16
ST. REGIS Non-Alcoholic ChardonnayBest non-alcoholic white wine$21
Sutter Home Fre Non-alcoholic Wine Variety PackBest variety pack of non-alcoholic wine$83
Sutter Home Fre ROSE WineBest for pairing with spicy foods$18
White Wine Sampler – Five (5) Non-Alcoholic Wines For white wine lovers. Best refreshing drink.$99

What to look for before buying non-alcoholic wine?

Label: Non-alcoholic wines are made using 2 ways. One is made from de-alcoholizing usual wine and the other is made from non-fermented grape juice.

So check which process is used for making your wine. As non-alcoholic wine is similar to fruit juice in taste, some people get scammed. 

Check your label for maximum information.

Sweetness: Non-alcoholic wine is made from taking away the alcohol compounds of wine. As a result, the flavor and taste also reduce to a great level.

 So flavors and lots of sugars and grape juices are re-added to give you that wine mouthfeel.

If you can’t handle sugary drinks, you may not enjoy a non-alcoholic wine.

Flavor: Most of the time, non-alcoholic wine has a fruity flavor. You may also find floral flavor occasionally. especially in the pink and rose wines.

Some sparkling non-alcohol wines are crispy and have a nutty flavor.

ABV: People get confused as some non-alcoholic wines aren’t completely 0% alcohol. In the USA, less than 0.5% is labeled as non-alcohol.

So when you see 0.1% or 0.2% alcohol content in your label, it is non-alcoholic.

What aisle is non-alcoholic wine in?

Grocery stores don’t differentiate between alcohol and non-alcoholic wines. So it’s available in the beer, wine, and spirits aisle. You’ll find it besides regular wines.

So if you’re looking for non-alcoholic red wine, looking in the red wine section will help. By reading the label thoroughly, you can find non-alcoholic or less-alcoholic wine.

Where to buy non-alcoholic wine?


Amazon usually doesn’t stock wines and alcohol. But I found plenty of brands of non-alcoholic wines on Amazon.

St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon (non-alcoholic wine) is a great substitute for wine. When in pregnancy or you’re trying to give up wine, this drink is amazing. St Regis is a German brand, and it isn’t super sweet.

St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon will make you feel like drinking the actual wine. At first, you mightn’t feel it. But after some sips, you’ll get to the taste.

The same brand has ST. REGIS Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay. The ABV is 0.5%. This is by far the best NA white wine you can get. The sweetness is moderate and the grape flavor is included.

For trying both NA red wine and white wine, try Ariel Non-alcoholic Wine Two Pack. This pack Includes Ariel Cabernet and Ariel Chardonnay.

Are you looking for a PERFECT non-alcoholic red wine? Sutter Home Fre Premium Red Blend Non-alcoholic Wine is a great alternative to wine. It comes in a 750 ml bottle. And has cherry and grape flavor mixed.


If you’re up for a cabernet sauvignon, Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Non-alcoholic Wine 6 Pack is your best bet. Walmart also has FRE brand’s non-alcoholic wines. 

You can try Fre Moscato White WineIt has a botanical aroma of rose and peach.

FRE Merlot Red Wine is another best wine of the brand. It has plum and cherry flavors.

Ariel Non-alcoholic Wine Variety 2 Pack includes one chardonnay and one cabernet sauvignon. The price is cheaper in a variety pack compared to a single purchase.


For sipping on a glass of red wine, with low alcohol content, try Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Red Wine.

Kroger has a good variety of FRE non-alcoholic wines. I recommend-

FRE Alcohol-Removed White Zinfandel Pink Wine (You’ll find it in the rose and blush wine section. Best with spicy dishes. Strawberry and cranberry notes, has a soft finish)

FRE Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay White Wine (Available in the white wine section of Kroger. Best paired with fish, chicken, pork, white sauce pasta, and mild cheese. This white wine has a crisp and tart taste)

FRE Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Brut Wine (Available besides the champagne and sparkling wine. Has apple and strawberry notes. Great for pairing with spicy foods)

Fre Alcohol-Removed Red Blend Wine (Great for pairing with grilled salmon, mushroom risotto, tomato-based pasta, or glazed ham. This dark ruby drink offers a smoky flavor)


Instacart has multiple brands to offer. I’ll recommend non-alcoholic wine based on the type of wine here.

Sparkling wine is refreshing. It gives a fruity and crispy feeling. For non-alcoholic sparkling wine-

Montevides Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Sangria

Barton & Guestier Sparkling Alcohol Removed

Rose or Pink wines are not only elegant looking but also give a soft finish. Non-alcoholic rose/pink wine I recommend-

Fre White Zinfandel Pink Wine, Alcohol-Removed

Freixenet Alcohol Removed Rosé Sparkling Wine

Stella Rosa Beverage, Non Alcoholic, Rose

And for the last, the classic red wine. Red wines are complementary to any dish. Even in the simplest pasta, makes a dramatic difference. For non-alcoholic red wine-

Stella Rosa Beverage, Non Alcoholic, Red

Fre Red Wine Blend, Alcohol-Removed


Safeway has three brands of non-alcoholic wine. Fre, Ariel and Stella Rose. You may try Sutter Home Fre White Wine Non-Alcoholic Wine, Ariel Chardonnay, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Red.

Also, Whole Foods carry FRE wines. For an online alternative, you can either go for Amazon or Drizzly. Drizzly has a wide variety of non-alcoholic wines to try.

Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Wines To Buy Today

Some people doubt non-alcoholic wines. Yes, they have more sugars and carbs than the usual wine. But de-alcoholizing makes them lack flavor, so additives are necessary. Also, you cannot expect a non-alcoholic wine to taste EXACTLY like wine. I prefer the brand Fre. Their wines are budget-friendly and tastes great.

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