Ultimate Guide to Buying OLIPOP in The Grocery Store

Where To Buy Olipop

According to recent statistics, one out of every two Americans drinks an average of two glasses of soda a day. Although soda is one of our favorite drinks, it contains a lot of sugar which can cause many more complex diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. What if a sugar-free and healthier drink could replace this soda? Yes, you heard right. Olipop is a beverage with no sugar but with the addition of microbiome and botanicals. Therefore, it can be drunk like soda, even more satiating. Today we will be talking about where you can buy olipop from supermarkets and online. Besides, we will tell you which aisles of a grocery store you should look for purchasing olipop.

What To Look For Before Buying Olipop?

Before buying olipop from any super shop or online store, there are some factors you need to consider. Our motto is to provide you with the most reliable information about grocery shopping. So, here are the things you should consider before purchasing olipop from anywhere.

  • Flavor

Since olipop is found in several flavors like strawberry, vanilla, orange, grape, and more, you need to choose your favorite flavor while buying. Among all the flavors, each flavor is different and will give you a different kind of satisfaction. However, one may not like one of these flavors or have an allergy to one of these ingredients. Therefore, it is wise to choose the flavor carefully before purchasing.

  • Validity

Not only olipop but the expiry date of any product should also be checked before buying. The expiry date of OLIPOP is usually given on the can’s body. However, it is highly recommended to check the expiry date of any product before purchasing.

  • Nutrition facts

As there are seven flavors of Olipop, the nutrition facts may vary depending on the flavor. However, some ingredients of this healthy drink are constant. For example, they all contain prebiotics, plant fibers, and microbiomes. Other than that, some nutrition fact is dependent upon the main ingredient. Therefore, you should check the product details and product formulas while buying.

  • Shipping and delivery system

Shipping is free inside the USA for orders above 50$ and for subscribers. However, not every online store offers free shipping. Therefore, when you make an online purchase, make sure to check the shipping cost and delivery system.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is OLIPOPIn?

Generally, you can find OLIPOP in the beverage aisle of a supermarket. There can be more than one beverage aisle in a super shop. It depends on the size of the super shop. However, the beverage aisle is typically present near the cash register of the shop.

The second place to get OLIPOP is the large aisle of refrigerated drinks. Here you will get chilled OLIPOP on different shelves with other types of drinks.

If you are still having trouble finding OLIPOP around you, here is the list of grocery stores that sells OLIPOP. Therefore, you can purchase these healthy drinks from the nearest shop around you.

Which Stores Sell OILPOP?

Here are the super shops and online stores that sell OLIPOP. Check out and find your nearest shop.

  • Walmart

You can get free delivery and free shipping while buying this prebiotic drink. Walmart sells every flavor of OLIPOP including OLIPOP Classic Grape Sparkling Tonic, OLIPOP Cherry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic, OLIPOP Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic, and so on.

  • Amazon

Amazon will definitely have OLIPOP – Classic Root Beer Sparkling Tonic, OLIPOP – Vintage Cola Sparkling Tonic, OLIPOP – 6-Flavor Soda Variety Pack and so other flavors.

  • Kroger

Olipop Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic, Olipop Classic Grape Sparkling Tonic, Olipop Orange Squeeze Sparkling Toner, and many more flavors are available at this store.

  • Instacart

If you love to get products within the shortest time, instacart.com has got your back. Here you can get Olipop Strawberry Vanilla Prebiotic Sparkling Tonic, Olipop Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic, and five other flavors of this healthy soda alternative from instacart.com.

  • Whole Foods

Whole foods will definitely sell OLIPOP at their super shops and online stores. Classic Root Beer Sparkling Tonic, Cinnamon Cola Sparkling Tonic, Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic, and other flavors are available at their store.

  • FreshDirect

Sparkling Tonic Cherry Vanilla, Sparkling Tonic Strawberry Vanilla, Sparkling Tonic Classic Root Beer, and other flavors are available here.

  • Target

All the fantastic flavors including OLIPOP Vintage Cola Sparkling Tonic and OLIPOP Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic are available at target.com.

  • Safeway

Sparkling Tonic Cherry Vanilla, Sparkling Tonic Root Beer Classic, and several fantastic flavors are available here.

  • Boxed

On boxed.com, you can get Orange Squeeze Sparkling Tonic, Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic, and more flavors.

  • Shipt

Classic Root Beer Sparkling Tonic, Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic, and other flavors are available on shipt.com.

Wrap up

Every health-conscious person knows that soda is not good for health as it can cause weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. Therefore, if you want to replace soda with a healthy prebiotic drink, give OLIPOP a try.

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