Ultimate Guide to Buying Oyster Mushrooms in The Grocery Store

Where To Buy oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushroom is cream-colored with a grey or brownish undertone. With its unique meaty texture, vegans are using it in their recipes more often. A Round, oyster-like cap is the sign of oyster mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms last not more than 7 days in the fridge. It needs extra precaution while storing. This nutrition-packed mushroom can be found in grocery stores and online shops. 

NameBest forprice
Gourmet food store dried oyster mushroom  6 lbBulk order$125
Mushroom House Dried Oyster Mushrooms, 4 Oz Best with soup$9
Organic King Oyster MushroomBest for replacing meat in a recipe$4
Oyster Mushroom Extract Powder Best for use as a spice$18
SmallholdOrganic Mixed Oyster MushroomsBest for pizza and pasta toppings$7

What to look for before buying oyster mushrooms?

Outer appearance: The most prominent feature of oyster mushrooms is their wide, flat cap. Other mushrooms don’t have this feature.

When you are shopping for oyster mushrooms, examine the cap carefully. It looks like a fan.

But here is a catch. King oyster mushrooms don’t have wide caps like pearl oysters. They have more flesh in their lower body.\

Color: Oyster mushroom grows in dead tree’s log. It has different types. Pearl oysters and king oysters are usually found in grocery stores.

Whether you are buying the mushroom from a store or harvesting it from the wilds. You must know the color of an oyster mushroom.

Pearl oyster is off-white. King oyster has more brown tones. Its cap is completely brown.

There are pink oyster mushrooms too! But they are super rare and can’t be found in grocery shops.

Smell: Mushrooms are fungi. They tend to lose their freshness and aroma as soon as harvested. Try to buy the freshest one available.

One way is to sniff the mushrooms. It should have a slightly woody or earthy scent. You may also get a slight seafood scent.

Which aisle is the oyster mushroom in?

Mushrooms are treated as a vegetable in grocery stores. So you will find it in the fresh produce aisle. Oyster mushroom will be available beside button mushroom, the widely available one.

Most Asian grocery shops have mushrooms in them. But you may check the international aisle if possible.

Canned good and condiment aisle may also have oyster mushroom in it. Some company produces ready-to-eat mushrooms in cans. Look closely at the label.

Search around the pantry aisle. As oyster mushrooms are often eaten with pasta, you may find it here.

The frozen aisle can also have oyster mushrooms in it.

What stores sell oyster mushrooms?


Amazon has both dried and fresh oyster mushrooms. You can try Mushroom House Dried Oyster Mushrooms, 4 Oz, only for $9. This dried mushroom needs to rehydrate. You can use it in soups and noodles for a creamier taste.

The mycological brand also offers dried oyster mushrooms.


Walmart has a lot to offer for oyster mushroom lovers like us. They have different brands, which sell both dried and fresh mushrooms.

Phillips Mushroom Farms Fresh Oyster Mushrooms comes in a transparent 3.5 Oz pack. It is super cheap, only $3.28.

Olivenation Organic Oyster Mushrooms gives you options from choosing a 4 oz to 16 oz pack.

Monterey Organic King Trumpet, 6 Oz is a must-try for all vegan mushroom lovers. King oyster mushrooms are a great way to enjoy meat-based recipes.

If you enjoy oyster mushrooms regularly, then Spicejungle Oyster Mushrooms is a good choice for you. It comes in a 16 oz pack of dried mushrooms, only for $28.


Kroger sells oyster mushrooms in their fresh produce aisle. You can try their Giorgio Fresh Oyster Mushrooms and FungusAmongUs Organic Dried Oyster Mushrooms if you like it dry.

Giorgio brand also offers dry ones besides fresh mushrooms.


Instacart sells oyster mushrooms per lb. You will also find the delicious king mushrooms in Instacart.


All types of mushrooms are available in Wholefoods. WholeFoods surprises me with its unique collection of groceries.

There are Organic king oysters mushrooms. Each packet has 3-4 large king mushrooms. If you are a fan of pearl mushrooms, then try Far West Fungi Organic Tree Oyster Mushrooms.


FreshDirect also has organic oyster mushrooms. But the one thing that caught my eyes is Smallhold Organic Mixed Oyster Mushrooms. It has blue and yellow oyster mushrooms mixed. Don’t get confused with the blue one. It is brownish in reality. This one is great for toppings in pizza and pasta.

They also have Royal Trumpets aka king oyster mushrooms.


Safeway serves dried and fresh oyster mushrooms. For dried one- try Monterey Mushrooms.

Stop and Shop

Stop and shop have sliced oyster mushrooms in their fresh vegetable aisle. They have a separate section for mushrooms.

Forest Mushrooms Inc.

You can get 1 oz of dried oyster mushroom in Forest Mushrooms for $3. There are three options to choose from- 1 oz, ½ lb, 1 lb. 1 lb one costs only $20.


If you prefer fresh mushrooms with a tight budget, then try Forage. They sell Bulk fresh oyster mushrooms only for $19. They also provide free shipping.

Oyster mushrooms are more easily harvested than other types of mushrooms. This mushroom is great for a low price and high nutrition benefit. You will get it anywhere near $3-$20, depending on the size. Oyster mushrooms don’t need any fancy recipe to try, you can simply saute and enjoy them.

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