Where To Buy Paneer?

Where To Buy Paneer

Many of us are wild about Indian cuisine. Several Indian recipes require paneer cheese or fresh cheese that is made from curdled milk. Paneer is a type of cheese that does not contain any salt and does not melt. Homemade paneer is the best in case of taste and health benefits. However, you can buy paneer cheese from a super shop if you are in a hurry. 

Today we will tell you where to buy paneer cheese and which super shops near you sell paneer. In addition, we will tell you which aisles of supermarkets contain fresh paneer.  

What To Look For Before Buying Paneer? 

Whether you want to make an Indian cuisine with paneer or use it as a filling in your favorite, you need to choose the best paneer from the market. Here are some crucial factors you should look for before buying paneer from a super shop or an online store. 

Brand Name 

Since various brands of paneer cheese are available in the market, you need to choose the brand wisely. The quality and taste of paneer cheese largely depend on the brand. Therefore, you should look for a renowned brand to buy paneer cheese. You can determine the popularity and authenticity of a brand by checking customer reviews. 


Since paneer is made by using a fruit or vegetable acid, it is essential to check out the acid used in the paneer while buying. Lemon juice, yogurt, vinegar, buttermilk, or curd can be used to make fresh paneer cheese. Although these ingredients are safe and obtained from fresh fruits or vegetables, some of us can be allergenic to one of these ingredients. Therefore, you should check the acidic ingredient before buying paneer cheese from a super shop. 

Nutrition Information

While making a healthy dish for a balanced diet, you need to know the nutrition facts of every ingredient. Therefore, if you know the nutrition information, calorie per serving, and amount of cholesterol, you can maintain a healthy, balanced diet. 


Although the expiry date is a crucial factor of any product, it becomes more vital when it comes to organic foods. Organic foods have limited validity. Therefore, you need to check the expiry date while buying paneer cheese from a super shop. Besides, if you shop from an online store, make sure to check the validity while receiving the product. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Paneer In?

Today, almost all grocery stores including Indian stores and Indian groceries sell paneer. You can find fresh paneer in the frozen food aisle of a super shop where cheese and tofu can be found. Generally, various brands of paneer cheese are available there. 

Which Stores Sell Paneer?

Here is the list of supermarkets as well online stores that are likely to sell paneer near your location. 


Walmart sells fresh paneer at their stores as well as online stores. You can get Igourmet Indian Paneer Cheese, Emmi Le Gruyere Cheese, Paneer cheese, and other brands are available here.


Amazon is another store that will sell fresh paneer cheese and deliver it anywhere around the world. Paneer Whole Form, Paneer Cheese by Royal Mahout, Himalaya Fresh Dried Paneer, and other brands are available on amazon. 


This online store sells rennet-free Deep Foods Paneer, Royal Mahout Paneer Cheese, Gopi Paneer Whole Milk Cheese, and many ]other brands of fresh paneer. 


Sach Organic Paneer, Gopi Paneer, Paneer Indian Cheese, and other paneer items are available here. 

Whole Foods Market 

You will surely find Paneer at the stores of Whole Foods Market near your residence. Both fresh paneer and Indian dishes including paneer are available at their stores. Karoun Dairies Paneer, Sach Organic Paneer, Organic original Paneer, Indian Mattar Paneer are available here. 


In this store, you will find both paneer dishes as well as fresh paneer at a reasonable price. Famous Indian dishes such as Palak Paneer, Saag Paneer are available here. In addition, fresh paneer cheese is also available here. 


Although fresh paneer cheese is not available in this online store, you can buy famous Indian Palak Paneer from this store. 


This store also has various brands of organic paneer in its stock. You can find Vacuum packed Gopi Cheese, Gopi Paneer, and other items are available here. 


Here you can find Melba Paneer and other brands of organic paneer with convenient shipping. 


In this store, both Deep Foods Palak Paneer and Indian Style Gopi Paneer are available. 

Wrap Up

Whether you love to buy cubed paneer or block of paneer, picking up the best organic paneer is really essential. Therefore, try to pick up the brand with positive reviews and five-star ratings. The quality and taste of your dish will vary depending on the quality of the paneer you have used.

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