Ultimate Guide to Buying Yellow Watermelon in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Yellow Watermelon?

Yellow watermelons are becoming popular and common nowadays. Even some years back, people were dead surprised when they see yellow flesh on watermelon. But now it has become a new favorite fruit for its sweetness like honey. It is also being used in various recipes.

Although it is gaining popularity, people seem to be very confused about where to buy a yellow watermelon. So I’m here to help you today.

NameBest forAvg Price
Seeded whole yellow watermelonwho don’t mind seeds$5-7
Seedless whole yellow watermelonWho hates seeds$5-7
Yellow watermelon chunks or slicedReadymade. No hassle of cutting and cleaning$10
Only seedsHarvesting$3

What to look for before buying yellow watermelons?

Season: As watermelon is a seasonal fruit, summer would be an ideal choice to buy a yellow watermelon. May to October is when yellow watermelon is harvested. Grocery stores will have the fruit even out of season, but it won’t be fresh.

The packaging: Unfortunately, every watermelon has the same outer side, green and some with a bit darker lines on them. Yellow or red watermelons cannot be differentiated by just looking outside.

So look for the details in the packaging, there should be yellow watermelon or yellow crimson watermelon labeled outside. The best solution is to buy the ready-made cut one.

Seed: There is the seedless and seeded version available of yellow watermelons. If seed bothers you too much, look for seedless watermelon.

Sweetness: Bear in mind that yellow watermelons are comparatively sweeter than red ones. So people with high blood pressure or obesity shouldn’t eat this frequently.

Which aisle is yellow watermelon in?

The produce aisle is where you will find most of the fresh fruits and veggies. Watermelon is a juicy fruit, so finding it in the produce aisle is obvious. You may find it as a whole or cut in pieces.

If you don’t find it in the produce aisle, look in the frozen food aisle. International aisle may also have yellow watermelon in them.

Some grocery store has yellow watermelon seeds in the patio/ garden aisle. Or you can find yellow watermelon juice in the juice and drinks aisle.

Where can you buy yellow watermelon?


Walmart has seedless yellow watermelons in its produce aisle. Another one I found is golden melon, which I suppose is another marketing name for yellow watermelon.

Besides fresh fruit, they have various quality watermelon seeds.


You will find 1 lb yellow watermelon in Kroger’s fresh fruits and vegetable aisle. Online order is available too.  There is also an in-store cut in half option available for those who don’t want a whole melon.


Instacart has the most option available for their customers. They have seedless and seeded yellow watermelon. They also serve yellow watermelon chunks for your benefit.


FreshDirect also provides Local Organic Heirloom Seeded Yellow Doll Baby Watermelon for 7.99$.


Safeway has a good collection of organic seedless and seeded yellow watermelon. But there is no chopped version available. So you have to buy here a whole melon.


Costco has Jumbo-sized watermelons (seedless), but they didn’t clarify it as the yellow or red one.


Shipt has yellow watermelon slices.

Local harvest

LocalHarvest has yellow-fleshed watermelon on their site.


Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have fresh yellow melons. It is very disappointing, as most of us heavily rely on amazon for our daily shopping. But they do sell yellow melon seeds.

Despite having all the nutritional value of a regular melon, yellow watermelon is quite rare. It isn’t genetically modified or the one we say” hybrid”. Yellow watermelons happen just by crossing genes, naturally. That’s why it’s not usually available in every store.

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