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We’re bringing the joy of home cooking to everyone (minus the work). Umi makes it easy for everyone to experience the feeling – and taste – that only a home-cooked meal. Our passionate community of home cooks creates small batches of their favorite dishes each night. Whether it’s home-cooked American, Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Southern Fare, Vegan, Paleo, or whatever your heart desires, Umi cooks are making what you’re craving.

What You”ll Get From Umi Kitchen

Recipe Ingredients & Instruction

If you are planning to cook any meal, but have no idea what recipe ingredients or instructions to follow, then Umi Kitchen will help you by providing best guide out there.

Recipe Nutrition Info

So many recipes call for ingredients that you may have in the kitchen. But Don’t know about the nutrition info. Here we’re provides every recipes nutrition info.

Kitchen Utensils Review

Every woman needs a few key kitchen utensils to get the job done perfectly. We will review some of the best tools and gadgets for cooking, baking, and more!

Kitchen Utensils Buying Guide

Choosing the right set of tools can make you easier in the kitchen. Our Buying Guide will help you find your ideal set of tools that are functional and affordable.