Where To Buy Dunkaroos?

Where To Buy Dunkaroos

After a long disappearance, the most hyped snack of the 90s is finally returned. Whenever we think about a healthy snack for our kids, one of the first snacks that come to our mind is Dunkaroos. If you want your kid to dunk their delicious biscuit into the yogurt, Dunkaroos are the best choice to go. 

So, let’s not beat around the bush and get to the main point. Fortunately, you can find these vanilla-flavored cookies with sprinkles in your nearest super shop as well as online stores. Today we will tell which superstores sell Dunkaroos and which online stores you should look for to get this healthy snack. 

What To Look For Before Buying Dunkaroos?

Although Dunkaroos was recalled from the market due to some unexpected reasons, they have overcome their lackings with greater taste and fantastic nutrition. However, it is essential to consider some factors before buying Dunkaroos from any shop. These factors are discussed below. 

Type Of Frosting

Dunkaroos are found with both vanilla and chocolate frosting as well as with rainbow sprinkles. All of this frosting comes with vanilla-flavored cookies. Therefore, the cookies will be the same whereas the frosting can be either vanilla or chocolate. Furthermore, the cookies can be with or without rainbow sprinkles. However, you need to choose the type of frosting according to your preference. 

Number Of Cookies

The number of cookies may vary depending on the size and weight of the packaging. Therefore, you should check the number of cookies while buying Dunkaroos. It is generally written on the packaging. 

Delivery And Shipping

This factor is essential for online purchases. When you buy from an online store, you need to check their delivery system and shipping policy before making a purchase. It will help you to make a convenient purchase within the shortest time. 

Expiry Date 

Checking the validity of any product, especially foods, is one of the most crucial things to do while purchasing. Therefore, whenever you buy Dunkaroos from a superstore, you need to check the date of manufacturing and the expiry date that is written on the packaging. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Dunkaroos In?

When you have found a convenient place for buying Dunkaroos, the next thing is to find out the aisle that contains Dunkaroos. The first place to find Dunkaroos is the snacks aisle. This aisle is generally located in the middle area of a supermarket. Sometimes the snacks aisle is combined with the candy aisle or can be only the snack aisle. After finding the snack aisle, look for a sky blue-colored packet, box, or jar named Dunkaroos. 

Which Stores Sell Dunkaroos?

As Dunkaroos was withdrawn from the market a long time ago, it can be difficult finding Dunkaroos at your nearest super shop. However, there are some supermarkets and online stores that are likely to sell Dunkaroos near you. 


Walmart is very likely to sell Dunkaroos at their physical stores as well as online stores. You can find Dunkaroos in their snacks and cookies department. Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting, Vanilla Dunkaroos, Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies & Chocolate Frosting, and other varieties are available here. 


Amazon has a wide range of Dunkaroos available in their online store and delivers convenient shipping. You can find Dunk-A-Roos Vanilla cookies, Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies with Sprinkles, Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing Frosting with Sprinkles, and many other varieties of Dunkaroos in Amazon. 


You can also find Dunkaroos at Kroger. They offer on-time delivery and contactless shipping at your doorstep. Here, DunkAroos Vanilla cookies with Frosting, DunkAroos Vanilla Cookies with Chocolate Frosting are available. Furthermore, if you want to buy DunkAroos Ready To Bake Dough or DunkAroos Cereal, you can find them here. 


This store offers convenient delivery or pickup. You can find both frosted and non-frosted Dunkaroos cookies here. In addition, only Dunkaroos frosting with sprinkles can be found here. Dunkaroos cookies and Frosting, Dunkaroos Cereal, Dunkaroos Frosted Cookies, and other items are available here. 


Vanilla Dunkaroos, Dunkaroos Ready to Bake Cookies, and other items are available in this online store. 

Stop & Shop 

They have all flavors of Dunkaroos cookies with or without rainbow sprinkles. Their most renowned items are Dunkaroos Vanilla cookies with frosting, Dunkaroos vanilla cookies with Rainbow Sprinkles, and many more. 


Betty Crocker Dunkaroos Cookies with vanilla and chocolate frosting are available in this store. Besides, Dunkaroos cereal and cookie dough are also available here. 


Here, Betty Crockers Dunkaroos Chocolate cookies with Frosting, Betty Crockers Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies, and other Dunkaroos items are available. 

Dank Mart

Dunkaroos Single Pack, Dunkaroos Vanilla cookies box, and two flavored frostings are available here. 


Outlets.com offers free worldwide delivery with an expedient return policy. You can find Dunkaroos Vanilla Cookies 6 snacks packs, Nestle Dunkaroos Cookies, Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting, and many varieties are available here. 

Wrap Up

To eat healthy means to be healthy. Choosing a healthy snack for our kids is a crucial part of our lives. Dunkaroos are a combination of tasty and healthy ingredients. Therefore, you can undoubtedly choose this snack for your family.

Greetings, it's Xiver Atik (Atikur Rahman) here, A professional food author, recipe creator, recipe tester, and cooking instructor. Ever the creative, I intend to incorporate my passion for food, particularly dishes and customs, with my love of writing and the arts.