Where To Buy Broccolini?


Broccolini, also known as broccoletti, or baby broccoli, has a wide range of nutritious facts. The higher nutrition value makes this elegant vegetable a must-have item every day if you are a health-conscious person. However, having sauteed broccolini or a dish containing this healthy vegetable isn’t troublesome if you know the right place to find it. In addition, if you want to harvest broccoli in your garden, you need fresh broccolini seeds.

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Today we are going to tell you about all the grocery stores that are likely to sell baby broccoli and explain how to pick the best broccolini. 

Name Best for Avg price 
best fresh broccolini Mann’s Broccolini$4.09
Best organic broccolini Organic Broccolini$2.99
Best baby broccoli Sweet Baby Broccoli$2.99
Best broccolini florets Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets$3.29
Best broccolini seeds Aspabroc Hybrid broccoli seeds$9.95 

What To Look For Before Buying Broccolini?

Broccolini is a type of cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family. Although you can harvest this nutrition-rich vegetable at your home, there is a good chance of getting this amazing vegetable from grocery stores all year round. When buying from a grocery store, look for these features to pick the freshest broccolini from a super shop.


When you intend to buy broccolini from a grocery store, don’t look for young broccoli as broccolini is a hybrid vegetable of broccoli and Chinese broccoli. While buying broccolini, the first thing is to observe the color of different parts of it. The fresh broccolini will have a bright green color on the head with dark green or purplish florets. At the same time, the stems should have a lighter shade of green.


Florets should be dark green in color. Broccolini florets are very tender, soft, and dark green in color. If the florets are loosely packed or open, it’s a sign of olden broccoli. 


The stems should be tender, thin yet firm enough. The color of the stems should be bright and fresh. Thick and woody stems are not preferable as they are an indication of aging.


The packaging of the broccolini should be appropriate to prevent the growth of aphids or other microorganisms. In addition, it should be written on the packaging whether the item is prewashed or not. Therefore, it is essential to observe the packaging solely to find out whether the item is soggy or fresh.

What Aisle Is Broccolini In?

As broccolini is a versatile vegetable, you can find it in the produce aisle where cabbage, sprouts, spinach, and other fresh veggies are found in a grocery store. Nowadays, almost every grocery store sells fresh broccolini at their outlets. 

You can also find frozen broccolini in the frozen food aisle of a super shop if you can’t find a fresh one. 

Besides that, there is a huge chance of getting canned broccolini in the canned food section. In addition, you will find different types of broccolini dishes such as broccolini soup, organic broccoli, etc. 

Where To Buy Broccolini In A Grocery Store?


Amazon is very likely to sell fresh broccolini as broccolini florets or broccolini seeds. 

Birds Eye Baby Broccoli Florets comes in a 12.06 oz pack that contains frozen florets of broccolini. This item is ready to cook and you can enjoy the sweet and fresh flavor of broccolini in about 10 minutes. 

You can also find Aspabroc Hybrid broccoli seeds here to harvest broccolini at your home. You can have tender stems with delicious leaves within 50 days of harvesting.


Walmart has a huge variety of fresh broccolini and dishes including this amazing vegetable. Mann’s Broccolini comes in a 6 oz pack that is 170 g in weight. Another item is Risotto Broccolini which is a traditional dish with cheese. 


This grocery store offers plenty of options for broccolini. You can get Broccolini, Organic Broccolini, Pero Family Farms Broccoletti, and tons of other options in a reasonable price range. 


Kroger has some options for broccolette or baby broccoli. Broccolini and Sweet Baby Broccoli are available here. 

Whole Foods Market

You can find nutritious Mann’s Broccolini in this shop. Besides, if you are looking for a ready dish, Broccolini with Roasted garlic is here for you.


Fresh Organic Broccolette with tender stem and luscious florets is available here. 


There is a wide selection of raw broccolini are available in this shop. You can find Fresh cut broccolini, Broccolini-1-bunch, and other options here.

Stop & Shop

You will find Fresh Broccolini, and Baby Broccolini in this store.  


Sweet Baby Broccoli with high nutritious value is available in this store. 


Broccolini 1 bunch, HEB Broccolini Bag are available in this grocery store. These are nutritious, healthy, and ready to eat. 


Broccolini has amusing health benefits as they are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and various types of vitamins. If you want to maintain sound health, make sure to include broccolini in your diet every day. 

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