Ultimate Guide to Buying 5 Gallon Water Jugs in The Grocery Store

Where To Buy 5 Gallon Water Jugs

It is an absolute variety of life that water is one of the most essential elements that all living beings need for survival. But what happens when there is a water crisis? In such emergencies, there comes a need to store the water and, 5-gallon water jugs come in handy. But not only for emergencies, 5- gallon water jugs are also needed for residential or commercial causes (such as for home or offices) or outdoor events for the availability of safe and purified water.

What to look for before buying 5-gallon water jugs?

There are some pointers that you can go through before purchasing water jugs according to your need: 

  • It has to be easy to carry around. A built-in handle helps in smooth transportation.
  • The material of the water jugs is very important, it has to be BPA free and high-quality food-grade plastic material has to be used. Glass water jugs can also be used for a safer option but they can be heavy to carry around.
  • Check if the jugs are reusable or not.
  • Look for the manufacturing date of the jugs to have a clear idea of how long they will last.
  • Check if the jugs have a replacement guarantee.
  • Measure the water dispenser for the jug to fit in.
  • It is always convenient if the jug has a tap.

Which aisle is 5-gallon water jugs in?

While walking down the aisle of the plastic container section in a grocery store, it is always better and more practical to choose five-gallon containers over several processed water bottles, because they are more environmentally-friendly. 

If you cannot find five-gallon water jugs in the plastic container section, in some grocery stores, popular brands may have their aisle of water jugs. You can buy your perfect water jug from there suiting your requirement.

Even some sports and outdoor equipment stores may sell water jugs. You will have to look for your aisle of the brand. Water jugs from this kind of store can be a little expensive in comparison with the ones from the grocery stores. 

It is always recommended to consider buying water jugs online if you want to avoid the hassle of finding aisles in a grocery store. Nevertheless, our store guide below will help you further in what you are looking for-

Where can you buy 5-gallon water jugs?

  1. Amazon: It can be your first option, as they have a variety of water jugs in different shapes or colors. Choose the one which is best suited to your needs. At times, they offer you free shipping for certain jugs, you can look out for the opportunity and make a great deal for yourself.
  1. Walmart: The Walmart store near your place may also offer you different types of five-gallon water jugs. It is also likely to take orders online and send them to your nearby stores with free shipping costs.
  1. Kroger: Another store for you to buy your desired water jugs. You can buy jugs from their stores or you can also have them delivered to your home or any other place for you to pick up.
  1. Publix: It is said that Publix sells the best models of water jugs in the market. It offers you the best food-grade odorless water storage carrier jugs for outdoors. 
  1. The Home Depot: another place to get your right water jug. You can also buy from their online website, but you will have to check if they ship in your area or not. 
  1. Target: you can buy five-gallon water jugs at target or they ship them to you. They also offer contactless and same-day delivery if you want.
  1. Safeway: It has water jugs as well as water dispensers for your jugs to fit in. You can also search from their wide selection and have it shipped to you.
  1. eBay: You can find water jugs from here at your best online prices. Their prices are relatively cheap.
  1. Whole Foods: There can be many brands there, you will have to look for the aisle. Or else, you may order from them online via Amazon. 
  1. Water Delivery Companies: There are also many water delivery service companies in your neighborhood that you need to look for. You may have to order from them monthly.

Hopefully, this piece of article will help you to find your desired five-gallon water jugs according to your occasion. It is always helpful if you consider buying online as the websites offer you a diverse collection of water jugs on a budget.

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