Ultimate Guide to Buying Broccoli sprouts in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts are packed with nutritional benefits. Not to mention, it also makes your everyday snacks crunchier and healthier. It is said to improve heart health and gut health. But broccoli sprout isn’t as widely available as broccoli.

Broccoli sprout, broccoli sprout supplement, and extracted powder, also seeds can be found in big grocery stores and Amazon.

But hey, don’t panic if you can’t find them. I have listed them with useful links, prices, and tips and tricks to follow before buying.

NameBest forAvg Price
Earthborn Elements Broccoli Powder Capsules (200 capsules)Budget friendly supplement$12
Sulforaphane Broccoli Sprout extract SupplementBest supplement for your money$34
Organic Sprouts Broccoli, 4 OzTo add texture and crunch$2.99
KOYAH – Organic Broccoli Sprout PowderTo increase the potential of your drinks$44
Nature Jim’s Sprouts Broccoli Sprout SeedsTo grow your own sprouts$18

What to look for before buying broccoli sprouts?

Color: Mature broccoli sprouts should have green leaves and yellow-whitish roots.

Smell: There should NOT be any weird smell coming from your sprouts. Broccoli sprouts smell like broccoli- a vegetable-ish smell that you find in cabbage and cauliflower.

Molds: Sprouts are grown in a humid environment, within the water. And as we know, water spreads germ faster. So there is a high chance of getting mold in broccoli sprouts.

But here is a catch, some broccoli has white fuzzy hair in them. It is called cilia hairs. Washing sprouts in cold water for 15 minutes will let go of the cilias, but not molds.

Ready to eat label: Many people like to eat their sprouts raw, in a salad. But make sure there is a ready-to-eat label in the packaging. This means your sprouts are sanitized with or gamma-ray.

Which aisle is broccoli sprouts in?

Broccoli sprout is mostly found in the produce aisle. As it’s a leafy green vegetable, you may find it beside celery and other sprouts.

Besides that, broccoli sprout supplement is also common. You will get that in the health department. More specifically- the vitamins and supplement aisle.

Edible broccoli seed is available in canned form. Look into the snacks, cookies, and chips aisle.

The pantry aisle can also come in handy. You may find broccoli sprout extract powder in canned form, in this aisle.

Where can you buy broccoli sprouts?


Amazon has different brand’s broccoli supplements and powders. Among them, Best Naturals Broccoli Sprouts Extract is an amazing supplement I found. Each bottle has 120 capsules. And each capsule contains 1000 mg of sulforaphane and glucosinolates.

There are also organic broccoli sprouts.

Koyah organics broccoli sprout powder provides good nutrition. You can mix it with your favorite drink/smoothie to boost power.

If you are eager to make your own sprouts at home(which is quite easy btw) then Nature Jim’s broccoli sprouts seed can help you. This one is highly recommended by me and many other people.

You will need a very little amount of seed to get a full bottle of sprouts. To be honest, sprouting your own seed is very economical.


Although Walmart doesn’t have broccoli sprout leaves, they have various supplements and seeds available. You can try their Swanson Sulforaphane – Broccoli Sprout Extract. It contains 60 capsules.

There is also Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds, which are labeled as edible seeds. You can use it for sprouting your own broccoli.

Another brand that I recommend is Food To Live Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting (2 Pounds).


Mercola Fermented Broccoli Sprouts Capsules is a supplement that I found in Kroger. They offer a range of seeds for sprouting.

NOW Real Food Broccoli Seeds For Sprouting is another brand that provides seeds.


Instacart provides fresh organic broccoli sprouts. Bare Sprout is a brand that is available in Instacart.

Another brand is Sunny Creek. Both of these brands sell broccoli sprouts in plastic, transparent containers.


Kowalke Organics sells broccoli sprouts that you will find in WholeFoods. This brand offers a pack of 2 oz and 16 oz, which is great for all customers.

 You will also find Banner Mountain Sprouts in WholeFood.


FreshDirect doesn’t sell broccoli sprouts under the name ”broccoli sprout”. Rather you will find AeroFarms Local Micro Broccoli there.


Target also doesn’t have organic broccoli sprouts. But they sell Swanson’s supplement one.


Safeway has Wild About Sprouts Bold Broccoli – 3 Oz.


Shipt has Jonathan Organic broccoli sprouts. They also have Sunny Creek’s broccoli sprout. Both come in a 4oz pack.

Organic broccoli adds texture, but pricey considering the amount you get in a container. On the other hand, supplements and powders are packed with nutrition that you get from sprouts- without any extra care needed. So you should get or grow your broccoli sprout based on your needs.

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