Where To Buy Mason Jars?

Where To Buy Mason Jars

Mason jar, a cute transparent and, multi-purpose jar, has been popular since it was manufactured first. People are still hunting for mason jars. And shouldn’t they? Mason jars are not just great for canning. The half of Pinterest is thriving with mason jar decor inspirations.

You can buy mason jars either in bulk or single jars. Walmart, Kroger, and other big departmental stores, grocery stores and, art and craft stores sell mason jars.  Mason jars are also available on Amazon.

NameBest forAvg Price
Regular-Mouth Glass Mason Jars, 16-Ounce (6-Pack)Value for money$21
Ball Regular Mouth 32-Ounces Mason Jar with Lids and Bands (2-Units)Best 32 oz mason jar$10
Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jars, Quart, Amber, 4 CountUV resistant mason jar$23
KAMOTA Mason Jars 16 OZ With Regular Lids and Bands 12 countsBest for bulk mason jars$25
Ball Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Band, Regular Mouth, 12 JarsBest for canning$22

What to look for before buying mason jars?

Your purpose: If you’re buying mason jars for canning or food storage, you must know the type of your jar. 

For preserving liquids in the freezer, like tomato sauce, you should buy a strong heavy glass jar. Your jar shouldn’t break or crack in the freezer.

But if you want mason jars for DIY purposes, i.e.- decorating home, you can use any kind of mason jar.

Size of the jar: Regular mouth jar of 16 ounces is versatile. You can use this for jam, jelly, fruit puree, pickles, and so on. Wide mouth 32 ounces is great for storing purposes.

As you see, 32 ounces is a big bottle and you cannot reopen it several times a day. So you should use these big jars for long time storage purposes.

The lid: Your lid must be free of any kind of rust, plastic for canning. Look for wider rim mason jars.

What aisle is mason jars in?

Mason jars are available in the kitchen storage and organizations section. This section is in the kitchen and dining aisle. 

You’ll find it where kitchen utensils are kept. Mason jars are beside the canning supplies, canning rack, jar lifter, etc.

You can also find mason jars on the art craft and sewing aisle. The jars can be beside vases and containers. 

You can also check the water-based painting section.

Where to buy mason jars?


Amazon has quite a variety of mason jars. You buy according to your need- single jar, 12 counts or, 24 counts.

Regular-Mouth Glass Mason Jars, 16-Ounce (6-Pack) is perfect for almost every uses. You can store foods, make pickles or use the jar for canning. The brand is Paksh Novelty.

Bedoo Wide Mouth Mason Jars 32 oz are great for big storage. You can store fruits and veggies here. Also, these wide-mouth jars are great for making kimchi too.

Ball mason jars are the oldest and most renowned brand out there. People are using ball jars for canning since the 90s. You can buy the Ball Regular Mouth 32-Ounces Mason Jar on Amazon.

If you’re making a recipe that requires UV blocking, then try Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jars, Quart, Amber, 4 Count. These Amber jars block 99% of the UV. You can store tea, coffee here.


Walmart has mostly Ball mason jars in their kitchen and dining aisle. The best thing is, you can get Ball jars way cheaper in Walmart.

Ball, Glass Mason Jars with Lids & Bands, Wide Mouth, Clear, 16 oz, 12 Count is only $10 here. You’ll get 12 wide-mouth jars in this set.

There are also Ball Quilted Crystal Glass Mason Jars in the store. These are regular mouths and come with 12 jars. Quilted jars look fancier than the usual ones. These are still transparent.

There is also half-gallon (64 ounces) jars available in Walmart. Another cute thing I found is Jarden Home Brands 1440069008 Heritage Pint Mason Jars. These mason jars give off a vintage vibe and are purple-colored.


Like Walmart, Kroger only has Ball mason jars. Both of these stores are famous and keep only the most popular brands. You can try Ball Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jars or wide mouth jars from Kroger.


Target has a whole bunch of mason jars in the store and website. You’ll find pint jars, wide-mouth 32 oz jars, and regular mouth jars like other stores. For vintage lovers, there is Ball 8oz 4pk Aqua Vintage Regular Mouth Jars. This comes in a blue jar.

There are also quilted mason jars available here.


Safeway has the common Ball jars. You can buy regular mouth, wide mouth, or pint mason jars.

Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop has a wide collection of canning jars and equipment. You will find the jars in the office, home and, garden aisle. Aside from the usual Ball jars, they do have a collector edition. It’s 4 count blue jars, 16 ounces each.

To sum up the article, I would say you can buy mason jars from pretty much every grocery store. Buying mason jars online can be a little tricky due to delivery failures. Among the grocery stores, Walmart sells good-quality jars for a cheap price. And for online alternatives, Amazon is the best choice for you.

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