Where to buy slime licker?

Where to buy slime licker

Slime licker is a type of candy made by the company Toxic Waste. Unlike other candies packed in a designed plastic wrapper, slime licker looks like a roll-on deodorant. Although this candy existed before, recently TikTok has made slime lickers a hot cake.

And not only kids but also adults like this rolling sour candy very much. So it is always stocked out in stores. If you are struggling to find slime lickers, this article has the solution for it.

NameBest forPrice
TOXIC WASTE | Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy | 12-Count Display BoxBest for bulk order$50
Slime Licker Bundle of Sour Rolling Liquid Candy One Strawberry and Two Blue Razz Flavor 2oz EachBest trial pack$18
Zazers Licker CandyBest affordable alternative to Toxic waste slime lickers$14
Holiday Roll It Sour Licker CandyCheap price$12
Toxic Waste Slime Licker Liquid Candy Variety Pack of 3 Bundle with Gift BoxBest variety pack$22

What to look for before buying slime lickers?

The Toxic waste brands’ slime licker has two different flavors- strawberry and blue razz. But other companies are selling slime lickers. They have introduced other trendy flavors in the slime licker.

Taste: Every person has a different taste. Slime licker is advertised as sour candy. The company Toxic Waste is famous for sour candies. But many kids and adults are complaining that their slime licker isn’t sour at all.

So buy a single one first to taste test.

Health issue: As this is a candy, it has a high level of sugar content. Diabetes patients certainly should avoid slime lickers.

Scams: TikTok has made slime lickers trendy. As a result, people are buying this candy at a high price. Beware of such scams.

What aisle is slime licker in?

You will find slime licker in the candy aisle of any grocery shop. Look through the fruit-flavored and sour candy.

You can also check the kid’s aisle for slime lickers.

Due to the recent TikTok hype, some people are stocking up slime lickers. So you may not find it showcased in the candy aisle. In this case, ask the salesman. If they have it in stock, he/she can bring it to you.

Where to buy slime lickers?


Amazon has a good amount of slime lickers. And not only Toxic Waste, but also other companies’ slime lickers are available on Amazon.

You can try Slime Licker MEGA Size – 3-Pack of Sour Rolling Liquid Candy. This one is cost-effective. It has one strawberry flavor and two blue razz flavors included.

Are your kids a big fan of slime lickers and always want it? Then Toxic Waste slime lickers with 12 count candy would be a wise choice for you.

Tired of Toxic Waste? The good news is there are other brands making slime lickers. Zazers Licker Candy comes in 3 different flavors. Cherry, strawberry, and green apple. Zazers candy is cheaper than the Toxic Waste one.

Another option is Holiday Roll It Sour Licker Candy. This one got good reviews on Amazon.


Thankfully Walmart has slime lickers in their candy aisle. You can either buy a single slime licker or box sets for dedicated fans.

Only the Toxic Waste brand is available in Walmart. The box sets have 12 slime lickers- a combination of both strawberry and blue razz flavors. You can also get mega packs in Walmart.


Instacart has Toxic Waste slime slickers in both flavors. You can also only buy the strawberry slime licker if you don’t like the blue razz flavor.


I found the blue razz flavor in Safeway’s candy aisle. You can buy it in-store or from their website.

Finding slime lickers in stores is a tough task now. You can head to these shops I mentioned above. You can also buy slime lickers from Etsy or other online shops. 

Unlike our usual candies, slime licker is not a one-time enjoyable candy. You can enjoy its sweet and sour taste multiple times a day. This is the reason slime lickers are so on demand right now.

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