Where to buy 818 Tequila?

Where to buy 818 Tequila

818 is the tequila brand launched by Kendall Jenner. From the day of launching, 818 tequila has created a lot of positive and negative criticism. Every spirit and alcohol taster is looking for this new spirit in the town.

You can buy 818 tequila straight from the official website drink818. Also, many up-to-date liquor shops and bars have 818 tequila in them. There are also some specialized websites that only sell liquors. Your specialized grocery stores may have tequila there.

NameBest forPrice
818 Tequila BlancoBest for a cocktail/ Vanilla lovers$44
818 Tequila ReposadoSmooth, caramel-y finish$54
818 Tequila AnejoThe best one out of three. Rich, robust flavor$64
818 Tequila CollectionBest for gift$199

What to look for before buying 818 tequila?

To be honest, there is nothing to worry about buying 818. I mean it’s only a tequila. There are 3 different varieties of 818 Tequila- Blanco, Reposado, Anejo. You may keep in your mind these little characteristics of the drinks-

Blanco is sweeter in taste, has a fruity undertone in it. It is prepared in Oak barrels for a vanilla taste.

Reposado has a caramel and vanilla taste. Anejo has a vanilla taste mixed with herbal undertones.

All of the tequilas are light and perfect for the young generation. You may not like the 818 tequilas if you don’t like vanilla. Because vanilla and sweetness overpower in 818 Tequila.

What aisle is 818 tequila in?

818 tequila is available in the alcohol aisle of grocery stores. You should look in the spirits section to be more specific. Some grocery shops have the aisle under the name “Beer, wine and liquor aisle”.

You may not find 818 tequila in small grocery shops. Liquor shops, bars have 818 in them. Just ask them for one. There are some restaurants that sell 818.

Where to buy 818 tequila?

There are multiple sources to buy 818 tequila. I’ll show you the common grocery stores first-


Among your local grocery stores, Kroger has 818 tequila in it. You’ll find 818 Tequila Blanco and 818 Tequila Reposado in their spirits and liquor aisle. They don’t have tequila Anejo.


Instacart has different brands of spirits and tequila available on their website. Kendalls’ 818 also includes them. Instacart has all three flavors of 818. Anejo, Blanco and Reposado. Each of the bottles is 750 ml.


Safeway has the 818 Blanco and 818 Reposado. I didn’t find Anejo ones here. But I found Safeway quite a cheaper option than other stores.


Doordash has a wide range of tequila and spirits. Unfortunately, 818 Anejo isn’t available here. Most probably this flavor is stocked out. However, you can buy the other two flavors here, the price is slightly higher in Doordash.

Aside from these physical stores I mentioned above, various online stores sell 818 tequila. I’m mentioning some trusted ones below-


Drink818 is the official website launched for the 818 brand. You will find all the information you need about the drink from this website. 

They also deliver in many states. 818 Anejo is available here. You can also choose your nearby store from the store locator option.


Drizly is a trusted online liquor shop based in the USA. You can easily get three of the flavors here. Yes, even the super rare 818 Anejo one too!

Total Wine

This is another liquor shop that has a wide variety of liquors. You’ll get 818 Blanco and 818 Reposado here. What surprised me is 818 Blanco is cheaper here than other shops I searched.


Cask Cartel sells a bundle pack, 818 Tequila Collection. This is a perfect gift for a tequila connoisseur. You’ll also get single bottles, even 818 Anejo here too.

818 Tequila is a fancy one, as it’s a celebrity-owned company. I know it’s tricky to find 818 brands in local shops. But you’ll surely find it in one of the sources I gathered above. Now it’s up to you which flavor to choose from- Blanco, Reposado, or Anejo.

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