Ultimate Guide to Buying Celery Juice in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Celery Juice

Celery juice has become trendy in the last few months. From Instagram influencers to youtube fitness gurus, everyone is talking about the health benefit of celery juice. But many people who are new in this section have no idea where to buy celery juice.

This article is for all those fitness freaks who are having a hard time finding celery juice. I have listed common stores (both online and offline) where you will find celery juice below.

NameBest forAvg Price
Suja Cold Pressed Celery Juice, 12 Fluid Ounce — 6 per case  Bulk order, also widely available.$58.50
LaPuraSimply Celery (Organic celery stalk powder) 4.4 OzBest value for your money$20.99
Lakewood Organic Pure Celery Juice 32Oz   When you want an instant drink$17
Celery Juice – 450 mg (100 capsules)Efficient than other drinks$34
Biotta Celery Root Juice 16OzWhen you don’t like the taste of celery, but want the nutritional value$14

What to look for before buying celery juice?

Please make sure to check these points to gain the most benefit from celery juice-

Ingredient list: Every product in a grocery store have their ingredient list somewhere in the product. Celery juices in the store often have other ingredients besides celery. Such as sugar, added color, flavor, and some preservatives.

Some celery juices are a mix of a whole bunch of other green plants with celery, like broccoli, cabbage, and so on.  So buy one that suits you.

Nutrition chart: Some juicers take up all the fibers from celery while making juice. But fibers play a very important role in our health.

Make sure you check the percentage of sugar, fiber, and other vitamins, minerals. If the sugar amount is higher than vitamins, sodium, potassium, it is best to not buy the drink.

Check your medications: Celery juice contains a high amount of vitamin k. This particular vitamin helps with a blood clots. If you are going through any medications that thin blood, it is best not to drink celery juice.

Which aisle is celery juice in?

As celery juice has become popular, you will find it in most of the grocery store’s “Juice and Drinks” aisle. You may find celery juice in both powder form and drink form.

However, if you don’t find it there, you can always make your celery juice. You will find celery in the produce aisle.

Frozen food aisles can also have celery in them. Check the international aisle too.

Some companies make celery juice capsules, so if you are looking for capsule format, check the supplement aisle.

Where can you buy celery juice?

I have listed a couple of grocery stores and amazon links below, to make your healthy choice a lot easier.


Amazon has a good collection of celery juice.  I would recommend the KOYAH – Organic USA Grown Celery Powder. It got good reviews and everyone is liking the taste. 

The company claims their 1 scoop powder is equivalent to ½ cup of fresh celery, which is pretty cool. Most of the children don’t want to eat celery as a vegetable, you can serve this koyah powder drink to them.

Garden greens celery powder is another one I found on amazon.

If you are not a fan of powder celery juice, you can buy Lakewood Organic Pure Celery Juice. It’s a big bottle of fresh-pressed celery juice. Probably it doesn’t have any added flavor.


Walmart has surprisingly a good deal of celery juice in their stores. You can buy them from their website too.

DietWorks Celery Juice would be a very good choice for a diabetes patient, as it contains zero sugar. It doesn’t have any fat and only 2g of carbohydrate per serving. You can replace your summer drink with DietWork celery juice.

Another one I found is Suja Organic Celery Juice. It’s a cold-pressed juice and the 12 oz one has only 50 calories in it.

If you don’t like drinks or powders, you can certainly try TerraVita Celery Juice Capsules. It contains 100 capsules in a bottle.


Despite having huge benefits of celery, one may not like the taste of it. For those, I would recommend R.W. Knudsen Organic Celery Apple Cucumber Juice. It’s a mixture of fruits and veggies, making celery juice taste a lot better.

Biotta Celery Root Juice is another mixed-up juice that has both beet and celeries goodness in it.

You can also buy raw celery at Kroger.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has Suja juice and a big organic celery juice of 46oz.


Target also has Suja celery juice. They have raw celery hearts on their website and store.


Safeway has Evolution Celery Glow Organic – 15.2 Fl. Oz. It’s a mix of lemon and celery, uplifting the quality of the juice, and obviously, making it a lot tastier.

You can find Suja juice here too.

Stop and Shop

 I found V8 healthy green vegetable juice, which contains celery in them. There is Suja juice here too.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s has their TRADER JOE’S ORGANIC COLD PRESSED CELERY JUICE. It’s super cheap, only 3.19$


Instacart also has Suja juice. Apart from this one, they have Organic celery juice and Freshly squeezed celery juice. You will also find raw celery there.


Shipt has Suja organic celery juice 46Oz. It’s a common one. Worth giving a try.

It’s a good choice to swap your regular sugary drink with a low sugar/no-sugar celery juice. Almost all of the grocery store is selling celery juice now, be it powder, drinks, or capsules. Suja brand is the most common among them.

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