Ultimate Guide to Buying Duck Meat in The Grocery Store

Where To Buy Duck Meat

Craving for a spicy meal with fresh duck meat? Eating duck meat is way healthier and tastier than chicken or turkey. Duck meat is rich in vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and proteins. In addition, you can cook duck as a whole bird or only a part of it. Therefore, fresh duck meat can be a healthy meal on your table at dinner. But, do you know where to buy a duck? If not, we are here for you. This article will tell you where to buy fresh duck meat, duck stamps, duck fat, duck eggs, and duck products online as well as in the supermarket.

What To Look For Before Buying Duck Meat?

Whenever you’ve found the right place to buy duck at a reasonable price, you need to consider some factors. This idea will help you to choose the best product at an affordable price. Here are the considerations you need to think about before buying a duck.

Type of meat: While buying fresh duck meat from Amazon or other online stores, check the name first. Different brands offer different types of duck items. For example, some provide duck breast, some provide duck legs, some provide whole duck, etc. Also, the quality of each brand differs from the other. Therefore, you need to check the brand carefully before making a decision. For your convenience, we are adding some available duck products here.

  • Duck legs
  • Duck breast
  • Duck wings
  • Smoked duck meat
  • Duck sausage
  • Duck tongues
  • Duck liver
  • Duck testicles
  • Duck hearts
  • Duck feet
  • Raw duck meat

Recipe: Never forget to check out the cooking formula of the meat. Every online store and supermarket will let you know the recipe provided on the packaging. Thus, by checking the formula and recipe, you can make a solid choice.

Nutrition Facts: Never forget to check the about section of the product while in-store purchases and online purchases. While buying duck products, there are some things you should know about. For example, you need to check whether the duck is humane raised or pasture-raised, cage-free or not. Besides, you need to check the number of calories and fat per serving. This factor will ensure the reliability and quality of duck products.

Customer rating: Customer ratings and reviews are a great way of finding out whether the product is good or bad. You can identify the best duck meat by checking the ratings of customers. Therefore, customer ratings provide the best idea about the product. Thus, verifying the reviews of any item will help you to make the best decision to purchase.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is A Duck Meat In?

Approximately all grocery stores will sell raw duck products even if a live duck is unavailable in your region. Here is a list of grocery stores and online sites to buy duck products online and in-store. Besides, we will tell you which aisles you should look for when purchasing duck and duck products.

You can find fresh duck meat as a whole duck or parts of a duck in the fresh meat aisle of a grocery store. Generally, the fresh meat section is located at the very back wall. Besides, you can find duck eggs on the dairy aisle at the corner of the store. In addition to that, you will find smoked magret duck meats on the frozen food section of the middle aisle.

Since duck fats are sold in cans, you can find duck fats on the canned goods aisle in the middle of the store.

Which Stores Sell Duck Meat?

Here is the list of grocery stores that are likely to sell your favorite duck meat and duck products.

  • Amazon

Amazon is the most reliable online store to buy duck meat because you will find various kinds of duck products at Amazon.com for sure. Among a wide variety of duck meats, unique items are Smoked magret duck breast, Rougie confit of duck legs, Canadian whole duck foie gras, Salumi Chicago Cured Duck Breast.

  • Walmart

Hopefully, you will get the Whole duck with orange sauce from maple leaf in Walmart. Besides, you can find a wide variety of duck sauces here. Duck sauce is a culinary additive that increases the taste of any dish. Dai Day Duck Sauce, Ka-Me Duck Sauce, Sun Luck Duck Sauce, and many other sauces are available here.

  • Kroger

This online grocery store also has a lot of duck items on the list. Maple leaf Honey Orange Duck Breast, Maple leaf All Natural Whole Duck, Maple leaf Garlic Roasted Duck Breast, Whole Frozen Duck are available in the frozen food section. 

  • Instacart

If you want the fastest delivery, you can rely on instacart.com. Here you can find Smoked Duck Breast, Duck legs, Fabrique Delices Duck Rillettes, etc.

  • FreshDirect

Freshdirect.com has many of your favorite duck products, including Fresh long island duck breast, Fresh Whole Duckling, etc.

  • Safeway

Safeway.com has some options for duck meat to offer you. For example, Meat Counter Duck, D Artagnan Duck Magret Breast, Meat Counter Duck Whole Frozen, etc.

  • Costco

You can get Boneless Duck Breasts, D’Artagnan’s 6 Duck Magret Breast and 6 Duck Legs, Maple Leaf Farms Fully Halal Whole Duck, and many more items here.

  • Stop & Shop

Stopandshop.com has D’Artagnan Duck Breast, D’Artagnan Rohan Duckling, and many more to offer.

  • Shipt

Shipt.com has many items, including Boneless Garlic Roasted Duck Breasts, Three Little Pigs Duck Rillettes, and so on.

  • LocalHarvest

If you want to buy a live duck or duckling from a farm, the LocalHarvest is there for you. They have a store in almost every city and provide farm-raised duck.

Wrap up

For a healthy and tasty meal, duck meat can be a great option to choose. Duck meat, duck sauce, even duck fat make your dish more delicious and more nutritious.

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