Ultimate Guide to Buying Miracle noodles in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Miracle Noodlesr?

Miracle noodles, also known as shirataki noodles or konjac noodles, are thriving in the internet food community. With its keto-friendly, low-calorie intake formula, and other amazing health benefits everyone is going crazy for miracle noodles.

If you are not sure where to buy this amazing noodle, stick through the end of this article. This will be your ultimate guide to miracle noodles.

NameBest forAvg Price
Miracle Noodle Organic ShiratakiKonjac Pasta Rice Variety Pack(pack of 6)Ultimate variety pack to taste all flavor$22
Miracle Noodle Fettuccini & Angel Hair Pasta Variety Pack( pack of 6)Fettuccine and Angel Hair combo pack$22
Miracle Noodle Ready to Eat Spaghetti Marinara Meal ( pack of 6) Ready-to-eat for busy people$30
Miracle Noodle Pasta, Angel Hair Best as a trial pack$7
Skinny Pasta Shirataki Noodles (6 pack)Less odor than Miracle noodle brand$23

What to look for before buying Miracle noodles?

Flavor:  Miracle noodle offers over 6 amazing flavors.

Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Pho, Japanese Curry, Green Curry, Spaghetti Marinara. So choose the flavor according to your preference.

Shape: Sound weird but miracle noodle has different shapes of noodles too. Not just your regular spiral one, or not like your long pasta. They have rice shape, fettuccine shape, and many more.

The most popular one is “Angel Hair”. It has semi-transparent consistency and looks just like the hair of an angel.

Calorie Intake:Shirataki noodle has very low calories in it, despite having the properties of making you full. There is nothing wrong with it. Low calorie is what this noodle is famous for.

But if a person is suffering from lower weight or malnutrition, this noodle isn’t the best choice. The same goes for athletes and labor workers. They need more calories in their food.

Brand name: “Miracle Noodle” with a logo of a bowl of noodles and a green leaf is the authentic one. You will find the same name but with a different logo in multiple stores. It isn’t like those brands are bad, it is best to buy the authentic one.

Which aisle is miracle noodles in?

The pantry aisle is where all sorts of pasta and noodles are gathered in. There is a pasta and pizza section, so look there for miracle noodles.

The frozen food aisle may also have miracle noodles in it.

Produce aisle can also have it. Search beside tofu and dry goods. More specifically, refrigerated part.

If you don’t find it nowhere mentioned above, it should be good to check the international aisle. Because shirataki noodle is of Japanese origin.

Where can you buy miracle noodles in grocery stores?

Miracle Noodle

Yes, the company itself! They ship all over the USA. Without any shipping charge! You can get all of the flavors and shapes available here.

Just go to their website.


Amazon has a variety of miracle noodles. Most of them are bundle packs, which means budget-friendly. They have miracle noodle Fettuccini pasta, Angel Hair and Spaghetti Marinara.

Japanese curry and Pho flavor are available here too.

They also have some ready-to-eat options available. You can also check other company’s shirataki noodles.


Walmart has miracle noodles in different flavors, among them angel hair is the most common one.

They usually sell this noodle in a single pack. So it’s good for beginners to try on.  Ready-to-eat options are good if you are always in a hurry.


Krogers pantry aisle has miracle noodles in their pasta and pasta sauce section. You can also order via their website.

They have Angel Hair, Shirataki Ziti pasta, Fettuccini pasta. I have discovered other companies selling shirataki noodles available at Kroger- Skinny Pasta Noodle Shape Konjac Noodles, Simple Truth Organic™ Shirataki Spaghetti Style Noodles. You can also try them out.


Instacart has miracle noodles available on their site.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a variety of brands available in their store. You can choose different brands of shirataki noodles.


FreshDirect doesn’t have the original “miracle noodle” brand. But they do have shirataki noodles of House Foods brand and the other miracle noodles.


Target also doesn’t have that miracle noodle brand. But Nasoya’s spaghetti-shaped shirataki is available here.


Thrivemarket has Angel Hair, Fettuccini, and Rice-shaped miracle noodles.


Miracle noodles are available at Safeway. Although they don’t have all the flavors and shapes available. They have only two shapes- Fettuccini and Angel Hair, the most common and popular one.


Kibun Foods Healthy Noodle at Costco can be an alternative if you don’t have your hands on shirataki noodles. Skimming through the ingredient list, it also has konjac powder.

But they don’t sell this online.

Stop and Shop

You will find miracle noodles in Stop and Shops grocery aisle. Rice, grain, pasta, bean section. They also sell online.

Miracle noodle may have a fishy odor, but it’s normal.With 97% water capacity, these miracle noodles can do a miracle for your body. Now that miracle noodles are so popular, grocery stores have them stocked up. I have listed the authentic ones and their alternatives.

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