Ultimate Guide to Sage For Burning in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Sage For Burning?

Sage has been used for centuries. Some use it as a spice, some use it for purification purposes. Burning sage for cleansing mind and space is a very commonly practiced culture in America. If you are new to this culture, you may wonder where you will find sage for burning.

This is what we cover today. Where you will find sage, which aisle, and tips to make your purification ritual easier. Stick through the end to know more.

NameBest ForAvg Price
SARIMOIRE Sage Smudge KitFancy. Great for relaxation$20.99
GloFX White Sage Bundle – 1 Pack Beginner who want to try$7
Alternative Imagination California White Sage Bundles 3 bundleBest value for money$6.99
JL Local 100 Wholesale White Sage Smudge SticksBest for bulk order$150
Bursera Sage Essential OilFor asthma patients$16
MAGNIFICENT 101 Pure White Sage Smudge CandleFor candle lovers$13

 What to look for before buying sage for burning?

Purpose:  Sage is a plant that has many uses. There are also different colors and types of sage. Purple, blue, white. Among them, white sage, also known as Californian sage has been used for a spiritual purpose. Others are used as spices.

So know your purpose and buy according to that.

Health issue: Burning sage is not harmful, according to experts. But if you have an allergy or asthma issue, the smoke can be derogatory for your health.

But that doesn’t mean you can implement sage’s healing properties. Buy sage essential oil, and use it in an oil diffuser.

Check for impurities: Nowadays, sage-burning sticks are widely available in stores. Make sure there aren’t any other leaves/herbs mixed up in your stick. This may hamper your cleansing process.

If you are new, I would recommend buying only one stick to avoid wasting money.

Which aisle is sage in grocery stores?

Sage is a plant product, so you will find it in the produce aisle. Search it among the leafy vegetables. It may have dried sage leaves in a bundle.

If you find raw sage leaves, you can easily make a burning stick out of them. Just keep it in the sun for a couple of days.

You will also find it in the spice and herb aisle. Grounded sage, bundle sage sticks are other forms of sage.

Sage essential oils and candles can be found in the aromatherapy aisle. Also, the beauty and skincare aisle may have sage essential oil.

Home essentials aisle may have sage bundles, search in candles, and air fresheners.

Where can you buy sage for burning?


SARIMOIRE– Organic Sage Smudge Kit is a fancy sage burning kit, but at an affordable price. If you are dealing with a lot of stress, this kit will help you, because it’s gorgeous to look at.

It comes with-3 Sage Bundles with an Abalone Shell, one feather, Tripod Stand, and sand. The aristocrat-looking shell is to keep the burning shell on it, while you are resting. Use the Turkish feather to spread the smoke in a desirable direction. And lastly the sand for putting out the flame.

If you are not into so much formality, Alternative Imagination California White Sage Bundles are a great choice for you. The sage is a slow-burner, making your healing process easier.

There is no need to worry for asthma patients. Bursera Sage Essential Oil is a good quality one. Use some drops in your diffuser. Enjoy a nice calming effect.


Walmart has a great collection of sage for burning purposes. Sage Spirit – Smudge Wand is a common and cheap one in the store. It’s a 6inch one so it will last longer.

White Sage California Smudge Stick is another one I found. It comes in a 6 bundle pack, each 4 inches long.

Govinda Pack of 5 Mini White Sage Smudge Stick is a similar product. Choose the one that suits you.

Flora Classique, Premium Collection Dried Sage is a high-quality product. It has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. So it would be best if anyone in your family is suffering from seasonal flu/fever.


Simple Truth Organic™ Sage is the cheapest one available. Although it isn’t a readymade burning stick, you can make it if you are not in a hurry.

But if you are running short of time, Sage Spirit Large Native is a good one for you.

Kroger also has other sage herbs, which are not suitable for burning, but great for cooking- Kroger® Rubbed Sage and Ground sage.

Trader Joe’s

TRADER JOE’S FRESH ORGANIC SAGE is only 2.99$ in the store.


Instacrt also has a good quality of sage for burning. You can have a fresh bundle of sage. They have Sage Spirit Smudge Stick Sage, which is a common brand.

Triloka Smudge Mini White Sage can be another option. Juniper Ridge White Sage Large Bundle is a good choice for those who regularly burn sage.


Although I didn’t find any burning sticks, here is Yankee Large Jar Candle, Sage & Citrus. If you are a sage lover and a candle collector, this should be added to your essentials. Great for those who can’t stand smoke.


Safeway has fresh sage leaves. It also has rubbed sage, although not very suitable for burning.


Target has a wide variety of candles and oils in their aromatherapy aisle. You may find sage oil there. There are organic sage leaves in Target.


FreshDirect has grounded sage and fresh sage leaves.

Thrive Market

Thrive market doesn’t have a sage burning stick but I found an uncommon thing, that is sage deodorant. There is also grounded sage.

As sage has potential soothing and healing properties, there are many different forms of sage. For the burning purpose, sticks are the most useful. Although not every store has it in them. Grounded sage is pretty common as it is used as a spice. Unconventional but can be used for burning purposes.

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