Where To Buy Passion Fruit?

Where To Buy Passion Fruit

Passion fruit. The name alone sounds fancy. But you will get the same aristocrat feeling after tasting the fruit. It has such a unique taste and is also packed with nutrition.

So where you can find passion fruit in the USA? This deep purple fruit is mainly imported from Hawaii or other tropical countries. You will get passion fruit in USA’s grocery stores, mostly in summer. Amazon, Walmart, and other big supermarkets have passion fruit in them.

NameBest forPrice
PF FARM Mix Size Dark Purple Fresh Ripe Passion Fruit 24 countFresh and ripe passion fruit$49
ALPES Passion Fruit PulpBaking and cooking$11
Pitaya Plus, Passion Fruit Bite SizedReady to eat option$3
PF FARM Dark Purple Passion Fruit –3lbsBest for bulk order$59
Kejora Fresh Purple Passion Fruit Grown in the USA – 12 Count (Pack of 1)Passion fruit in budget$32

What to look for before buying passion fruit?

Color of the skin: The rule of thumb of buying any fruit is checking the outer layer- the skin. Anything wrong with the fruit will show from the outer side. But this rule is kind of the opposite for passion fruit.

You should look for wrinkly, deep purple skin for ripe passion fruit. Matured passion fruit also has dimples on the outer side. You mustn’t mistake them as a decaying sign.

Another exceptional rule here is you shouldn’t buy yellow passion fruit. Yellow and green fruits are raw and you can’t eat them.

Weight: Passion fruits that are ripe and ready to eat are heavy- weighted. You can weigh them on your hand. If the fruit seems hollow, the fruit has dried inside.

Smell: Passion fruit smells nice, despite its’ not-so-attractive flesh inside. A tropical scent I what you should look for.

Season: Passion fruit is harvested in warm weather. In summer for example. So it wouldn’t be wise to buy passion fruits in stores in winter.

What aisle is passion fruit in?

I found passion fruits in the fresh produce aisle. It resembles a berry. You may find it beside summer fruits- mango, lychee. Look in the tropical and specialty fruit section.

You can also check the international aisle. Passion fruit comes from Brazil, Argentina, and some parts of South America.

There is passion fruit juice available in many stores. You only need to check it in the juice aisle. There can be pure passion fruit pulp in the aisle.

Nowadays, passion fruit has made it a new ingredient in cooking and baking essentials. So you might check those aisles.

Where to buy passion fruit?


Luckily, Amazon didn’t disappoint me in terms of passion fruit. Some great quality sellers offer passion fruit. As it is so uncommon and rare in the USA, I prefer Amazon.

PF FARM Mix Size Dark Purple Fresh Ripe Passion Fruit has good quality passion fruit. You’ll get 2 dozen passion fruit here.  Another one to try is Kejora Fresh Purple Passion Fruit. They also got decent reviews on Amazon. You can also consider PF FARM Dark Purple Passion Fruit, for real fruits.

If chewing the passion seeds is not your thing, try Pitaya Plus, Passion Fruit Bite-Sized. They extract the seed out and the taste is identical. The passion fruit comes in cubes. Thus making it easier to eat and make juice.

ALPES Passion Fruit Pulp is great for cooking purposes. You can also eat it straight from the bag. It comes with the seeds.


Walmart doesn’t have any real passion fruit in their store/ website. But you can get multiple alternatives of passion fruit here. Like Tea Zone Passion Fruit Puree, Mrs. Miller’s Passion Fruit Jelly and, Primor Passion Fruit Puree.


Fortunately, Kroger has passion fruit in their fresh fruits and vegetable aisle. They also have passion fruit juice and purees available like other stores.


Instacart has both passion fruit and its pulp available on their website.


Safeway sells passion fruit each for $3. Although it’s quite pricey considering the fruit size, you cannot deny the unavailability of the fruit.

Stop and Shop

Stop and shop have passion fruit available. You’ll find it here cheaper than Safeway.


I was very upset when I didn’t find any original passion fruit here. But you can get Pitaya Plus Bite-Sized Passion Fruit Pieces. This is as good as passion fruit, only without the seeds.

There are also many types of passion fruit juice available in WholeFoods. You can give them a shot.

Alternative sources to get passion fruit-

Melissa’s, ExoticfruitUSA and, PassionfruitUSA sells passion fruits origin from different locations.

 If your local stores don’t have passion fruit, then give the online stores a try.

So to sum up, I’ll say Amazon can be your first choice for passion fruit in the USA. It is tough to find good quality passion fruit in every store. Whereas Amazon offers them at a decent price. You can make exotic cakes and pies, also use passion fruits in savory dishes.

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