Where To Buy Mead?

Where To Buy Mead

An age-old drink that has been serving the peasants, the Vikings, and the royals- “Mead”. Various TV series and movies have increased the popularity of this drink once more. I know it’s fun to feel like a Viking, drinking from a barrel. But you need to get mead first.

There are many mead makers in the USA now. You can either visit their shop (aka meadery) or buy online. Got Mead is another resourceful website to buy mead. Some local grocery stores also have mead. You’ll find mead in the liquor shops and bars near you.

NameBest forAvg Price
Chaucer’s Mead Easy to get, best affordable$13
Oliver Camelot MeadValue for money$10
Redstone Meadery Honey WineBest semi-sweet mead$20
B. Nektar Meadery NecromangoconBest flavorful mead$8
Danks Mjod Vikingerner MjodWarm and spicy mead$29

What to look for before buying mead?

Color: Mead was called the drinks of God. Because it has a golden hue that resembles wealth and gold. Mead prepared today also has the same honey-golden color. But remember, the color varies from honey to honey.

It can be deep red or deep orange. But the most standard color is golden yellow.

Taste: Mead can have a sweet taste like honey, or it can be dry and rich. It all depends on how the mead was made.

Mead can be mixed with fruit juice, known as melomel. It can also be diluted or mixed with beer. The taste varies with each process.

 You cannot expect mead to taste like wine or beer. It has a distinct taste somewhere in between.

Check reviews: There are many meaderies in the USA today. You should look up their website for reviews. Look for these factors- honey quality, how long the mead has been aged.

What aisle is mead in?

Mead is available on the beer, wine, and liquor aisle of big grocery stores. You may find it under the name honey wine. It’s best to look for mead beside red wine. As mead is also reddish, orange, or yellowish color, pay close attention to the labeling.

You’ll find light-colored mead beside white wine. And braggot (mead mixed with beer) in the craft beer section.

Some liquor shops also have mead in the specialty wine section. Just ask for honey wine, they will present you the mead.

Where to buy mead?

Local meadery

The best way to get organic mead is a visit to your local meadery. You can also describe what type of drink you prefer, the meadmaker will suggest you. If you don’t have a clue of the location of the meadery near you. Visit the website Got Mead.

It is basically an encyclopedia for mead. Just type the zip code or location, they will show you the meaderies near you.


Among other popular grocery stores, Kroger has mead in their beer, wine, and liquor aisle. Red mead( the one with fruit juice mixed) is available in the red wine section. Chaucer’s Mead and Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead are these two.

Another one is Nectar Creek Sting Ginger Session Mead, which I suppose is a Braggot.

Oliver Winery Camelot Mead White Wine is labeled as honey wine. It has a very light golden color and is available besides white wine.


Instacart has mead in the dessert wine section. There are a couple of meads I recommend-

Sky River Dry Honey Mead Wine

Four Brothers Mead Yggdrasil Sap Mead

Honeyrun Cranberry Mead

Crave Mead Dry Mead

Viking Alchemist Meadery Ethereal Mead

Texas Mead Works Traditional Dry Mead

As you can see, some of these meads are dry, some are sweet. So choose one according to your preference. Every bottle is 750 ml each.


I only found two types of mead in Safeway. Sky River Mead Sweet Wine, a standard mead. And another one is Bargetto Wine Chaucers Mead, a melomel.


Target also has only two brands of mead available. Oliver Camelot Mead Honey Wine and Quinn’s Irish Country Cream Mead Wine. You’ll find these in the beer and wine aisle of Target.


Drizzly is one of the best places to buy liquors online. You’ll get every kind of liquor you can imagine, which includes mead. There are many brands available in Drizly, from all across the USA and some foreign brands too.

I would recommend the following ones-

Chaucer’s Mead, is cheap and has great taste.

Charm City Meadworks Original Dry Mead

B. Nektar Meadery Necromangocon

You can explore the website for a more personal choice.

Total Wine

Total Wine is another trustworthy online store for liquor lovers. Sky River Mead Sweet offers great honey and floral taste. You can also try Moonlight Meadery Desire Mead, but it’s on the pricier side.

Online Meadery

There is also online meadery available. You can try 2021 Passion Fruit Mead from Drinking Horn Meadery. 

Lady Ellhorn from Brimming Horn Meadery is a melomel made with pure honey and elderberries.

You can also try Valhalla Mead and Starrlight Mead. Just check which online meadery ships to your state. The website has information regarding that.

Mead is the new popular drink for any party or occasion. The best thing is you can get mead at any budget. The best way to buy authentic mead is going to a meadery. There must be at least one near you, as mead is so popular in the USA today. But online stores are also reliable.

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