Ultimate Guide to Buying Snow Cone Syrup in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Snow Cone Syrup?

Snow cone, also known as snowball needs different syrups for flavoring. From raspberry, cherry, and grape to tigers blood, wedding cake, gum, and much more outrageous flavor. You can make your flavor by mixing and matching the syrups together.

As it’s very popular among kids, people usually make snow cones in their homes now. You will find snow cone syrup on Amazon, Walmart, and your local grocery stores. The following part is the exact location of snow cone syrup.

NameBest forAvg Price
12.7oz Snow Cone Syrups (12 Pack)Best variety pack$39
Snappy Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup (1-gallon)Bulk order$16
Snowie – Premium Shaved Ice Snow Cone SyrupSugar-Free$27
12.7oz Snow Cone Syrups (4 Pack)Budget-friendly$16
Hypothermias Snow Cone Syrup (3 pack)Great taste and flavor$19

What to look for before buying snow cone syrup?

Ingredient list: Snowcone is no wonder, a sugary treat. The sweetness and everything with it- flavor, color, and taste comes from the syrup itself. We only mix crushed ice with the syrup.

So look for any harmful, cheap color and additive in it. You can also buy sugar-free syrup if you are a diabetes patient.

Expiry date: Snowcone syrup is not meant to keep in the fridge. It may become too thick at a very low temperature. As it has a higher sugar quantity in the syrup, the chance of getting a microbe is not impossible.

Look for the expiry date in the bottle. If you see any leakage or funky smell, it is better not to buy that one.

Flavor: There are some common and everyone’s favorite flavors, like raspberry and cherry. Testing other flavors can be quite tricky. Not every flavor is likable to everyone.

So it’s better to play safe and buy your favorite ones if you are expecting guests.

Which aisle is snow cone syrup in?

You will find snow cone syrup in the kitchen appliances aisle.  There is an ice cream and dessert maker section available. Snowcone syrup is displayed right beside the snow cone maker machines.

You can also get it in the baking and cooking aisle. Many kinds of syrups are used in desserts. Snow cones one will be there too.

But you may check the juice and drinks aisle. Syrups are used in drinks and juices too.

The ice cream and Beverage aisle may have snow cone syrup in their aisle.

Where can you buy snow cone syrup?


Amazon has a different flavor of snow cone syrup on its website. A 4 pack of snow cone syrup is great if you want to try your basic flavors. It comes in 4 different flavors- Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, and Orange.

But if you are throwing a party there is a 12 pack version available too.

It comes with these flavors- Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Root Beer, Fruit Punch, Bubble Gum, Lemonade, Watermelon, & Cotton Candy.

Fortunately, there are sugar-free versions available too. The brand SNOWIE offers a sugar-free pack that has Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Black Cherry flavors. You can try this pack.

But all these packs come in medium to small sizes.

For a bigger serving purpose, Snappy snow cone syrup is a good choice. They offer 1 gallon of syrup! They have flavors like raspberry, cherry, and grape.


Time for Treats (Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Flavored) Snow Cone Syrup is sugar-free and available at Walmart.

Another one is Hawaiian snow cone syrup that comes in 6 different flavors. Lemon-lime, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Grape, and Tigers Blood. Each bottle is 16 Oz. So It’s great as a family pack.

Kool-Aid snow cone syrup( Grape) is a famous brand for summer drinks.


Nostalgia Premium Snow Cone Syrup Party Kit is a good one for beginners. The snow cone cups, spoon-straws, and syrups are included in this kit. It has 3 flavors- blue raspberry, cherry, and cotton candy.

Benchmark snow cone syrup is available in Strawberry flavor.


Instacart has huge-sized snow cone syrup. These are ideal for a fair, startup, or merely for family purposes.

You can try Jell Craft Watermelon Snow Cone Syrup if you are a watermelon lover. It comes in a 1-gallon size.

Felbro Lime Snow Cone Syrup is another one I found.

You can try Kleins fruit punch syrup.


Target has Koji Cotton Candy Snowcone Syrup – 16 floz in their pantry aisle. Look into the syrup and sauce section.


Safeway has a lot of different flavored syrups. Although not all of them is specified for snow cone, you can give them a try. The ingredient is almost the same as snow cone syrup.

Hawaiian Sweet Premium Coconut Syrup is a unique flavor I found. This brand also has banana and mango flavors available. Each bottle is 16 oz.


Shipt has Nostalgia snow cone syrups with Grape, Raspberry, Cotton Candy, and Cherry flavors.

Snow cones are part of our childhood, even our parents’ childhood. Raspberry and Cherry syrup is available in every grocery store. However, unique and less popular syrups are hard to find. I have tried my best to include every flavor I find online and offline. Now you can easily select your desired syrups.

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