Ultimate Guide to Buying Truffles in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Truffles?

Truffles are an expensive delicacy that people cherish. With their intoxicating aroma and taste, truffles can be a gamechanger for your festival. You can eat truffles raw. But mostly white truffles are eaten raw and black truffles are cooked.

As it’s quite expensive, not all grocery store has truffles in them. People have a hard time finding truffles. So I presented the ultimate guide to truffles today.

NameBest forPrice
Fresh Black Winter Truffles (2 ozBest black truffles$169
Fresh Black Burgundy Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum) 4 OUNCES and TASTE OF TRUFFLES White Truffle ButterBest value for money$135
Fresh White TrufflesBest white truffles$249
Fresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles from FranceBest Perigord truffles$97
Fresh Italian Black Summer TrufflesBest summer truffle$134

What to look for before buying truffles?

Weight: Fresh truffles are full of moisture in it. So it should feel a bit heavier compare to its size. If you weigh your truffles in your hand, it shouldn’t feel lighter like cotton.

Inside pattern: When a truffle is cut in half, you should see a marble pattern inside it. Truffle, black/white, isn’t plain white inside. You will see a black dotted pattern inside it.

Firm and Sturdy: Your truffle should be firm on the outside. Truffle isn’t soft or squishy. So avoid those truffles that are soft outside.

Harvested time: Truffle should be eaten fresh when harvested. If you don’t have the facility, then seek the recently harvested ones. Because the most important factor of truffle is its aroma. And it starts losing it slowly after harvesting.

Smell: As I said, truffles should smell heavenly. Black truffle has an aroma of garlic and honey mixed with an earthy scent. Smell the truffle making sure it doesn’t have any spray or oil on it. It should be clean and dry while you sniff.

Which aisle are truffles in?

Truffle is one kind of Fungi. As it is harvested, so you may find it in the produce aisle. Search it near the mushrooms.

Also, check the international aisle. Truffle is mainly harvested in Italy, France, China, Croatia. So specialized stores or aisles can have truffles in them.

Pantry aisle’s canned goods may have truffles in them.

As truffle is expensive, some stores may not show it outside the aisle. Ask the salesmen, they might have information regarding truffles.

Where can you buy truffles?


Amazon has a good range of truffle products. They have truffle butter, sauce, and oil. But you are looking for whole truffles.

Yes. They have it too. TRUFFLES USA Whole Black Truffles imports truffles from Italy.

There is fresh white truffle available here too. Although it is much pricier than the black one.

It provides an amazing taste and aroma to your premade dish. You can put it on anything simple. This white truffle will instantly make it a 5 star rated food.

Another one I found is Fresh Black Burgundy Truffles 4 OUNCES and TASTE OF TRUFFLES White Truffle Butter. As you can see, this pack comes with not just black truffle, but white truffle butter too.

Now you can taste test both of them. This was highly reviewed in Amazon.


Instacart mostly has black truffle-infused products. But I found this black truffle in Instacart.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has La Rustichella Whole Black Truffles in their store. They also have SabatinoTartufi Whole Black Summer Truffle, 1.4 oz available there.


FreshDirect has both white and black truffles. Each of them costs $89. Black truffles are guaranteed for 5 days and white ones for 3 days.


Safeway doesn’t have pure black truffles in their store. But they sell a mixed variety. Urbani Truffle Thrills Truffles Black Truffles and Mushrooms is one of them. 

Urbani also sells truffle pesto and truffle together. If you cant get your hands on pure truffles, you can try this.

Gourmet Food Store

Gourmet food store has a wide range of truffle products. They import high-quality black and white truffles from France and Italy.

They got Italian Alba Winter TrufflesFresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles from France and Fresh Black Burgundy Truffles from Italy. They also have a truffle slicer and other dishes besides fresh truffles.


TruffeUSA is another authentic website for truffles straight from Italy. As the founder himself is Italian and lives in the USA now. You can get Frozen Black Summer Truffles 7oz (200g), Fresh Black Summer Truffle 3.5oz (100g), and white truffles here.

Gourmet Attitude

Gourmet attitude specializes in truffles. They sell exquisite truffles like Fresh White Truffles, Black truffles, and many more truffle products.


This shop sells authentic rare mushrooms and truffles. They sell Italian fresh white truffles, fresh black winter truffles (Perigord), Asian black winter truffles, and many more items.

Truffle is a fast-decaying product. It is expensive too. That’s why you don’t get to buy it at regular stores often. The last 4 stores I mentioned specialize in truffles. Now you can buy these exquisite fungi to add to your dish.

Greetings, it's Xiver Atik (Atikur Rahman) here, A professional food author, recipe creator, recipe tester, and cooking instructor. Ever the creative, I intend to incorporate my passion for food, particularly dishes and customs, with my love of writing and the arts.