Ultimate Guide to Buying Distilled Water in The Grocery Store

Where To Buy Distilled Water

Distilled water is made from liquefied steam. This is also considered the purest form of water. With no additional minerals and impurities, distilled water is used in various ways. Recharging lead battery, cleaning surgical knives and needles, and in laboratories distilled water is necessary.

You can make your own distilled water with distillers at home. However, It can be hectic to make your own. So many grocery stores have distilled water in different sizes.

NameBest forPrice
Distilled Water for CPAP Humidifiers by SnugellCPAP and Humidifier users$28
Nestle, 100585, Distilled Water, 1gal, 6/CartonSilver mirroring, laboratory use$44
Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Distilled Water, 1 GallonEveryday drinking$0.99
Resway Distilled WaterTravel friendly$27
365 by Whole Foods MarketBest cost-effective for common use$1

What to look for before buying distilled water?

  • TDS: If you’re going to use distilled water in the lead battery, then check its TDS ( Total Dissolved Solid). It shows how much solid is in your water. For battery recharge purposes, TDS must be under 5.
  • Preference: Distilled water isn’t made for drinking only. As it doesn’t have any minerals like calcium and magnesium, it won’t taste good. So keep that in mind before buying distilled water for drinking purposes.
  • Mineral deficiency: Drinking distilled water regularly can cause mineral deficiency. So athletes and physical workers mustn’t rely on distilled water.

Which aisle is distilled water in the grocery store?

You will get distilled water in the beverage aisle of any grocery shop. You may not find it with bottled water. Distilled water is placed with gallons or jugs of water.

Also for battery purposes, you will get distilled water beside the inverter and batteries.

If there is any automotive aisle, you will get distilled water named under battery top-up water.

Distilled water is also used for surgical purposes. So you may find it in the medical equipment section, under the home health care aisle.

What stores sell distilled water?


Amazon has different brands with every size of distilled water. You can choose your own based on your needs. If you’re looking for distilled water to drink, try Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Distilled Water, 1 Gallon. It is super cheap, only $0.99.

But if you need distilled water for silver mirroring and chemical reactions, then Nestle 100585 Distilled Water would be a good choice. It is the purest water you can get.

And by purest, I meant that it has 0 trace elements left behind. But for drinking purposes, it may seem overpriced.

Resway Distilled Water is good for CPAP machine users. It isn’t heavy. So you can easily carry them while you travel. The bottle comes in a 16 oz pack and also strong packaging. Although Resway claims their distilled water is TSA approved, some passengers have complaints regarding this.


Walmart has dozens of distilled water in its food and beverage aisle. Great Value Distilled Water, 1 Gallon is the best seller among all of them. It is cheap and best for drinking.

Poland Spring Distilled Water, 128 Fl Oz, 6 Count Jugs are budget-friendly options for various uses.

CPAP H2O Premium Distilled Water – 24 Bottle Pack (20oz) is specialized for CPAP users. It comes in a 20 oz bottle. No need to carry a heavy 1-gallon jar while traveling. Also, it is bigger than your usual 12/ 16 oz bottles.


Kroger has only Kroger brands distilled water in their store and website.


Instacart has PurAqua, Distillata, Signature Select, Best Yet, and 365 brands’ distilled water on their website. Most of them are 1 gallon each.

Stop and Shop

Acadia Pure Steam Distilled Water 1 gallon claims to be 100% pure. They also ensure a money-back guarantee if the water is impure.

Glaceau Smartwater Vapor Distilled comes in a 20 oz bottle. It is great for machine uses. Like humidifiers and CPAP machines.

Stop and Shop also has Poland Spring Distilled Water, which is available in every store.


Costco sells Crystal Springs Distilled Water, 1 Gallon, and Ice River Green Distilled Water online. 

But not every Costco store has distilled water in them. Some stores carry them some don’t. You should ask the salesmen in the store if you’re going offline.


Shipt carries a lot of different brands in terms of distilled water. Like-

Ice Mountain Distilled Water, Dierbergs Distilled Water 128 oz

Kandiyohi Premium Distilled Water 128 oz

Harris Teeter Distilled Water

Absopure Distilled Water.

All these are distilled water of bigger size. Perfect for drinking and machine uses too.


Target has Good and Gather distilled water, which is 1 gallon. And also Smartwater Distilled water, 33 oz bottle. You may get them from both websites and in-store.

Whole Foods

It is good that WholeFoods has distilled water in their store. They have the most common ones like 365, Arrowhead, Zephyrhills distilled water. These brands are pretty reliable for everyday uses. As every store has them in stock.


Besides having the common ones, Safeway also has other brands like EartH2O, Menehune, Sparklettes distilled water. All of them are 1-gallon bottles.

In the pandemic situation, many people went crazy and piled up distilled water. This created a certain discord among the common people. Like everyday distilled water users. From humidifiers to lead battery recharge, distilled water is immensely important.

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