Where to buy glycerin?

Where to buy glycerin

Glycerin originated from a by-product of soap making procedure. But I won’t go through the nerdy stuff today. Because we all know how important glycerin is, It’s futile to talk about history. Glycerin is ruling the skincare industry, pharmaceuticals, and food industry for decades. Art craft and Vaping stores also need glycerin every day.

So where you will find glycerin? Every grocery store such as Walmart, CVS, Kroger, has glycerin in them. Online stores that sell skincare stuff also sell glycerin. You will find it in pharmacies too.

NameBest forprice
Essential Depot Vegetable Glycerin Food Grade glycerin$18
NOW Solutions, Vegetable Glycerin,Best for overall use$7
Nature’s Oil (USP Grade-Kosher) Vegetable Glycerin 100% Pure (10 lbs) GallonBulk sized for craft and baking purpose$34
Aura Cacia Vegetable GlycerinBest for skin and hair care$5
Vegetable Glycerin/Glycerine & Propylene Glycol 16 oz Value PackMaking e-liquids for vaping$19

What to look for before buying glycerin?

Glycerin is a simple low weighted molecule. There isn’t much to worry about while buying glycerin. However, you may check the following tips for an efficient shopping experience-

There are other names for glycerin. Especially if you buy it from a reputed chemist’s shop. Glycerol or Propen-1, 2, 3-triol is the alternative name you should look for.

Glycerin is transparent and odorless. It has syrupy consistency with a sweet taste.

Sometimes glycerin is mixed with rose water or simple water. In that case, you shouldn’t add extra water to the bottle. You will find the rosewater-infused one in a skincare shop.

There is vegetable-based and synthetic glycerin. But both of them are identical. You can always use the one that you find.

What aisle is glycerin in grocery stores?

I found glycerin in the health corner of over the counter (OTC) aisle. The pharmacy and health aisle also has glycerin in it. You may find it beside calamine lotion, mineral oil.

The beauty aisle also has glycerin in it. Look through the body care section. Glycerin is beside body lotions.

Some art and craft store also sells glycerin. It makes watercolor pigment wetter and lasts long in the palette. So search in the paint mediums aisle or soap-making supplies aisle.

Where to buy glycerin?


Amazon has glycerin for all kinds of users. From huge bottles to tiny ones, you won’t be disappointed with amazon. So which one should you try first? The answer is NOW Solutions Vegetable Glycerin, which has over 30 thousand reviews. And the best part is, most of them are positive!

If you use glycerin for craft reasons, a 16 oz bottle isn’t enough. You can try the 10lb Nature’s Oil (USP Grade-Kosher) Vegetable Glycerin. This is great for making snow globes. Another one is Raw Plus Rare glycerin. This one comes in a 128 fl oz bottle.

Plant Guru Vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol combo is suitable for vaping.

For baking and cooking, USP glycerin is suitable. They are synthesized from coconut or palm oil. For this I recommend-

Essential Depot Store Vegetable Glycerin. (Palm oil-based)


Equate Glycerin, 6 Fl. Oz is the cheapest one you will get in Walmart. But that doesn’t mean it is ineffective. It got 4.5 stars. And people are praising it for being effective in fog and smoke machines, dry skin, and frizzy hair.

Chemworld Glycerin is great for crafty purposes. It comes in huge bottles. De La Cruz Vegetable Glycerin also comes in a standard formula.

Wilton Glycerin is specialized in restoring icing colors. But you can use any vegetable glycerin that is food grade like Bejamins Glycerin.


Kroger has glycerin that is suitable for skincare purposes mostly. Like Heritage Store Vegetable Glycerin

 Cococare 100% Glycerin, and Starwest Botanicals Vegetable Glycerine. I am saying it size-wise, of course, you can use these for other purposes too. But they are too small for craft and baking.


Instacart has a whole bunch of glycerin available in their beauty aisle and healthcare aisle. They have the famous Now Glycerin. You can also buy Humco, Leader, Liberty Glycerin.


Safeway mostly has skincare-based glycerin. You can try  Aura Cacia Skin Care Vegetable Glycerin. If you want to level up your glycerin game then try Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin. Both of the ingredients are renowned for making supple skin.


WholeFoods doesn’t offer a lot of glycerin brands. I only found Starwest Botanicals Vegetable Glycerine, 16 fl oz. If WholeFoods is near you, you can try this one.

Bulk Apothecary

If you make and sell stuff that requires a lot of glycerin, then the grocery store won’t help you. Bulk Apothecary sells as much as you need, for a very low price. 10lb start-up business to 45000lb factory requirements, they can give you that.

Publix, CVS

These two shops have one or two brands available at the store. Publix has Humco glycerin. And CVS has Beauty 360 USP Pure Glycerin.

Glycerin is cheap and used in many industries. So many grocery stores keep glycerin in their aisles. You only need to find the right aisle for that. You can buy for bulk or single bottle, as per your need. The uninvited liquid that was only a by-product has won our hearts and factories today!

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