Where To Buy Halloumi Cheese?

Where To Buy Halloumi Cheese?

Have you ever thought of a cheese block and wished to eat it? I always wanted to fry my cheese. But it wasn’t possible until I knew of halloumi. This Cyprus cheese has won the heart of cheese lovers all over the world. Because with Halloumi, we can fulfill our ever cherishing dream, to snack on grilled cheese.

Halloumi is available in grocery stores (Walmart, Kroger), specialty stores (Whole Foods), and online (Amazon). Besides these, local dairy farms and greek stores/farms can also have halloumi.

NameBest forPrice
APHRODITE HalloumiGrilling$16
Kryssos Halloumi CheeseSalty cheese, best value for money$11
Atalanta Halloumi 8.8 ounce (2 Pack)Authentic halloumi at low price$32
Dodoni Halloumi Cheese with dill 650g (Pack of 6)Best for bulk grilling$118
Le Bedouin Halloumi Style Cheese (Grilling Cheese) 3-PackBest for flavor$32

What to look for before buying halloumi?

Squeak: Halloumi has a texture of mozzarella. But it has a uniqueness that sets it apart, the squeak. When you cut the halloumi, it should give a squeaky feeling.

You may have slightly experienced it with Indian Paneer.

Tangy taste: Halloumi tastes more on a tangier side. This semi-solid cheese is cooked in the factory. So you can eat it raw too. But the taste will be sort of rubbery and less tangy.

Melting point: The high melting point is what makes halloumi special. You can hardly find a cheese that won’t melt in the pan.

But this is an important thing to keep in mind. Although halloumi looks similar to mozzarella, you cannot use halloumi in pizza, burgers, or pasta like mozzarella.

Yes, there isn’t any harm or deter in taste if you do that. But halloumi won’t melt, it will just sit on top of the pizza. No chewiness or creaminess will be added to your dish.

Country of origin: Halloumi originally came from Cyprus. Although halloumi is manufactured in the USA today, I would prefer the cheese that came from Cyprus.

Because only the Cyprus cheese farms know the secret to the key factors of halloumi.

What aisle is halloumi in?

Like other cheese, halloumi is available in the egg and dairy aisle. Look in the specialty cheese section.

Halloumi is also available in the deli aisle. You’ll find it beside ready-to-eat cheese and meat.

Also, if a Cypriot/ Greek store happens to be near your home, you can find halloumi there.

Where to buy halloumi?


Looking for halloumi that’s made in Cyprus and isn’t too pricey? Well, Kryssos Halloumi Cheese checks all the boxes. This cheese is made from sheep, goat, and cows’ milk. You’ll also find a mint taste in it. Kryssos cheese is a bit saltier than regular halloumi.

For authentic halloumi, you can also try Imported Cypriot Halloumi. This is made only using sheep milk.

If you’re already a fan of halloumi, then Le Bedouin Halloumi Style Cheese ( 3 pack) can be your best bet. Also, you can try Halloumi Cheese 3 Pack.

These halloumis are great for grilling for a party, family gathering.

Other Cypriot halloumi available in amazon-

Pindos Halloumi Cheese

Christis Halloumi Cheese

And Dodoni Halloumi Cheese 

These cheese are slightly on the pricier side but offer an authentic taste.


You won’t find a variety of halloumi in Walmart. Only a few brands are available in the specialty cheese aisle. One of them is Mt. Vikos Greek Halloumi Cheese, a product of Cyprus. Mt Vikos is made only from sheep milk. The per-serving calorie is less than other brands, 85.

You may also try Sutas Halloumi Cheese. Although it’s on the pricier side.


Kroger has a couple of choices for us. There is Mt. Vikos Halloumi Cheese, the one available in Walmart. For a Cypriot cheese, Dodoni Cypriot Halloumi Cheese can be a perfect choice.

Kryssos Company Halloumi Cheese is available in Kroger. This is a great quality cheese to combine into a salad. You can also try Shepherds of Cyprus Halloumi Cheese.


Instacart doesn’t have too many options. For Cypriot cheese, I prefer Atalanta Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi Kynthos Cheese and DODONI Halloumi Cheese. All of these cheese are of premium quality, perfect for grilling. 

You can have a mess-free grilling experience with these.


Safeway truly surprised me when I checked their specialty cheese aisle for halloumi. I didn’t find this many brands in any other grocery stores. Some common brands like Mt Vikos Halloumi

Halloumi Cheese Kynthos and Kryssos Halloumi Cheese to rare brands Ballard Idaho Golden Greek Halloumi and Yayas Halloumi Cheese is on Safeway.

Safeway has these halloumis in the deli cheese section of the deli aisle.

Whole Foods

Aphrodite Halloumi is made from pasteurized goat’s and ewe’s milk. There is also Grillies Halloumi Cheese and Mt. Vikos Halloumi, both are Cypriot cheese. 

Top 10 Halloumi To Buy Today

Halloumi isn’t the most popular kind of cheese, but it is available in grocery stores. You may not find many brands. But some of the available ones are worth a try. I liked the APHRODITE Halloumi for grilling. And Kryssos Halloumi Cheese is one of my favorite halloumis, as I like the saltiness and it’s cheap.

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