Where To Buy Mascarpone?

Where To Buy Mascarpone

The Italian cheese that’s often thought of as cream cheese, mascarpone. But only the real cheese connoisseur knows there is a huge difference between mascarpone and cream cheese. This is why you seek to buy the real mascarpone and wonder where shall you find it? 

Mascarpone cheese is available in big grocery stores, specialty stores, and online. Local Italian shops and dairy farms may also have mascarpone.

NameBest forPrice
Mascarpone, Zerto 17.6 OzBest Italian mascarpone at Amazon$23
Vermont Creamery, Mascarpone Italian Style Cream CheeseBest mascarpone at lowest price$5
BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese, 8 Ounce Cup – 12 per case.Best for bulk order$57
Rio Briati Mascarpone Cheese,Best USA made mascarpone$4
Polenghi, Mascarpone, 500 GramItalian mascarpone for tiramisu

What to look for before buying mascarpone?

Texture: Mascarpone is more liquid than cream cheese or ricotta. It looks easily spreadable and fluffy. The velvety finish can be observed in bare eyes.

Taste: This fluffy cheese is not tangy like cream cheese. You’ll often see mascarpone is used in Italian desserts, like Tiramisu. 

The reason is it tastes slightly sweet. But the sweetness is mixed with the milky taste, you can use it in savory dishes too.

Fat content: Mascarpone is very high in fat content. Our usual cheese is made straight from milk. Whereas, mascarpone is made from cream. This explains the richness and melt-in-your-mouth finish. 

Price point: No one can deny that Italian cheese is expensive, so is mascarpone. But why it’s so expensive?

Around 500 liters of milk is used for making 45 liters of cream. And mascarpone is made only from quality cream. As there is much hard work involved, mascarpone’s price seems justified to me.

What aisle is mascarpone in?

Mascarpone isn’t like our regular cheese. I found it in the Specialty Cheese & Charcuterie section of the deli aisle. 

This cheese is also available in the international aisle. Look in the Italian food section.

Sometimes mascarpone is used as dessert rather than cheese. So you can check the baking aisle. As it’s a requirement for making Tiramisu.

The dairy and egg aisle can also have mascarpone cheese. You may find it beside mayonnaise and other spreads.

Where to buy mascarpone?


A couple of brands of mascarpone is available on Amazon. The maximum of these is the USA made. But that doesn’t mean they lack taste. 

But if you’re persistent to buy the Italian one. Try Zerto Mascarpone. It is imported from Italy. Comes in different sizes. Polenghi Mascarpone is also imported from Italy.

Another one worth trying is Vermont Creamery, Mascarpone Italian Style Cream Cheese. Great for4 combining into risotto.

Whole Foods Market, Mascarpone is a farmstead cheese. The taste may not be exact like I5talian mascarpone. But it’s a low price, which can be an alternative.


Mascarpone cheese is located in the deli aisle in Walmart. There are some common brands available. Most probably you’ll find BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese, which I found in my Walmart.

It’s a good one from Denmark. BelGiosiosio works great in cake and tiramisu. You can add this into savory dishes too.

The other brands available in Walmart are-

Vermont Creamery Italian Style Mascarpone Cream Cheese

Miceli’s Mascarpone

Both of these cheese got good ratings in Walmart. So if you spot it in Walmart, don’t delay too much. As they tend to stock out pretty fast.


Kroger gives you more options than Walmart. Some common mascarpone brands (Vermont, BelGioiosio) you can try at Kroger-

Beside these, there are also-

Rio Briati® Mascarpone

Rio Briati comes in an 8oz tub. Every serving has 100 calories. You may use it for spread. 

Private Selection™ Mascarpone Soft Cheese


Fresco Mascarpone Cheese is available on Kroger too. These are made in the USA.


Instacart has only 2 brands of mascarpone cheese. One is our widely available BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese, and another one is Sorella Italian mascarpone. Sorella is a product of Italy. 


Safeway has a lot of Italian mascarpone for us. Now, this is a piece of good news. Primo Taglio MascarponeGalbani Mascarpone Cup and Di Stefano Mascarpone are top-notch Italian mascarpone. 

The cheese I’ve chosen here is authentic mascarpone. For making a great tiramisu or risotto, you can use these. 


Other than BelGioiosio, you’ll find Cello Traditional Italian Style Mascarpone Cheese ,BevMo! Mascarpone Cheese 8 oz , Miceli’s Mascarpone Italian Cream Cheese 12 oz

 These cheese are available in the deli aisle of Shipt.

Other than these grocery shops, some common stores sometimes stock mascarpone. Target, Trader Joe’s, Stop and Shop. Most of the time, it’s only BelGiosio cheese that’s available here.

Top 10 Best Mascarpone Cheese To Buy Today

Finding authentic mascarpone isn’t an easy task. Most of the time grocery stores don’t stock them because of high prices. But the price we pay is very small compared to the rich and royal cheese we’re getting. Despite resembling with cream cheese, Italian mascarpone makes a difference in your dish.

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