Where To Buy Lions Mane Mushroom?

Where To Buy Lions Mane Mushroom

Mushrooms are a godsend blessing. Besides tasting like crab meat, Lions Mane is a wonder with medicinal value. With its ability to regenerate neurons, which deals with numerous brain patients, the Lions Mane mushroom is famous as a natural supplement.

But Lions Mane can be hard to find due to its unavailability in certain areas. You can be a bit clueless in finding it in grocery stores. As there are SO many different brands of supplements. So here we are to help you out.

NameBest forPrice
Host Defense, Lion’s Mane CapsulesBest capsules for brain health$44
Real Mushrooms Lions Mane Powder (60 Servings)Best Lions Mane powder$29
18,000mg 10x Concentrated Ultra High Strength ExtractBest for high percentage of polysaccharides$23
Om Mushroom Superfood Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom PowderCost effective, best results when mixed with smoothies$16
HEBS Lab Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Extract TinctureBest Lion Mane tincture$22

What to look for before buying Lions Mane mushroom?

Outer appearance: Lions Mane mushroom is like a slab of white fluffy, hairy stuff. It doesn’t resemble a lion’s mane that much, at least to me. However, when you’re buying a whole mushroom, you should look out for the outer appearance.

Most of the time, lions mane mushroom supplement is bought. The supplement is either off-white (yellowish white), or brown.

The extraction source: While buying Lions Mane powder, the extraction source is a piece of powerful information. 

The powder extracted from the fruit body is the highest in quality. The fruit body contains all the important factors to regenerate neurons.

Experts often forbid extracts from only mycelium. Because they don’t offer that much value in your supplement.

Country of origin: Although most of the time I stay steer clear from Chinese products, this case is reversed. Lions Mane is widely cultivated in China. Some certain area has a unique environment that makes cultivating Lions Mane easy.

Some USA-based farms only grow Lions Mane grain to make the supplement. These supplements lack nutrients.

What aisle is Lions Mane mushroom in?

Depending on what form of Lions Mane mushroom you’re looking for, there are some aisles that have it. Most of the time, Lions Mane is available in powder form. You’ll get Lions Mane powder in the vitamin and supplement aisle.

You may also check the beverage aisle, as the powder is mixed with smoothies.

The Lions Mane capsules are also on the same aisle. However, you can get it in the health/pharmacy aisle too.

If we’re talking about organic Lion’s Mane, it is available in the produce aisle. It’s available beside buttons or oyster mushrooms used for cuisine.

Lions Mane mushroom works great as a substitute for crabs meat. So any vegan store can have it.

Where to buy Lions Mane mushroom?


I found Lions Mane mushroom powder and supplement on Amazon. Didn’t find any whole mushroom there.

But powders are easy to mix your food with, so you’ll get efficient nutrition without any hassle. Real Mushrooms Lions Mane Powder (60 Servings) is the best mushroom powder you can get.

Unlike other Lions Mane powder, this brand extracts the powder from the fruit body. This is so rare nowadays.

 The best part is, one pack goes for 2 months. Considering the price point, it’s a win-win situation for me.

Other than powders, supplements are also popular. You don’t need to mix it with any food, just straight take once or two a day. I recommend Host Defense, Lion’s Mane Capsules. You can choose 30, 60, or 120 count bottles.

Host Defense supplement works better than other brands. Many people experienced the first-hand benefit of mental clarity and improved brain health.

Some other brands you can try for an immune boost/ improving focus-

Double Wood Supplements Store Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules (extracted from entire fruit body)

Toniq 18,000mg 10x Concentrated Ultra High Strength Extract (Fruiting body extract, 30% polysaccharides)


Walmart doesn’t have fresh Lion Mane mushrooms. You can only find supplements and powders, like Amazon.

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Powder by Real Mushrooms is a trusted brand. They don’t use the mycelium to extract powder. Thus, this powder is efficient.

The same brand manufactures capsules too. Real Mushrooms Lions Mane Mushroom Cognition Capsules for Mental Clarity (300ct). The supplement claims to have a verified level of beta-glucan.

There is numerous Lions Mane supplement I found in Walmart. But not all of them qualify to invest your money.


I found Mushroom Wisdom Super Lion’s Mane in the cold, cough, and flu aisle. This is a nice supplement for overall mental clarity.

Om Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Nutrition Supplement Powder is a great one to mix in a smoothie. It doesn’t add any smell or flavor to your smoothie. However, you can tell the improvement visibly.

Another powder to try is Real Lions Mane Mushroom Powder (25 Servings).


Finally, I got the whole Lions Mane in Instacart. Wegmans Organic Lions Mane Mushroom comes in a transparent container. You can easily check the fluffy mushrooms.

And we also got Host Defence Lions Mane mushroom here. The best supplement you can try!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is always known for its unique mushroom collection. I found organic whole Lions Mane here.

Far West Fungi Lion’s Mane Mushrooms is perfect for substituting meat in a recipe. You can also try RI MUSHROOM CO Lion’s Mane Mushrooms.

But organic mushrooms aren’t the only available thing in Whole Foods. There are supplements and powders available too.

Mousam Valley

Mousam valley is a mushroom farm. You can get various mushrooms here, all freshly cultivated.

So, yes.

Lions Mane mushroom is available on this website. You can get fresh or dried Lion’s Mane in Mousam valley.

Oregon Mushrooms

You can either buy USA-grown or imported Lion Mane mushrooms here.

Top 10 Lions Mane Mushrooms To Buy Today

It’s a hassle to clean whole Lions Mane mushrooms and cook. For cooking a dish, yes, whole mushrooms are great. But for improving brain health, a high-quality supplement or powder beats the cooked one. For me, Host Defence supplement and Real Mushroom Lion Mane powder worked like a charm.

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