Where to buy tart cherry juice?

Where to buy tart cherry juice

Fruit juices are in the market for quite a while. With more people preferring healthier options, tart cherry juice has gained huge popularity in recent times. Tart cherry juice has proved its worth in several surveys and research- joint pains, better sleep.

Tart cherry juice is available in every grocery store. You can switch to Amazon for finding several brands of tart cherry juice at a time. Your local farm can also produce tart cherry juice. There are also many entrepreneurs selling this juice.

NameBest forPrice
Indian Summer 100% Tart Cherry JuiceBest value for money$31
Dynamic Health Organic Tart CherryBest low calorie juice$14
Cheribundi Tart Cherry JuiceHigh quality tart cherry$29
Cherry Bay Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice – (9 pack Best for bulk order$29
365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic 100% Tart Cherry Juice Best tart cherry juice from concentration$4

What to look for before buying tart cherry juice?

Cherry type: Did you know, there are over 100 types of cherry in the world. So do all of them are used for tart cherry juice? No. A certain type of cherry, called Montmorency produces high-quality tart juice.

Montmorency cherries are bright red, also called sour cherry. This produces ruby red juice, without any color. The taste is tart and sour, not overly sweet like usual cherry juice.

Added ingredients: Finding pure tart cherry juice is a hectic job. Because, there are some added sugar and color, sometimes another fruit juice is mixed.

Make sure the added sugar isn’t too much. It will outwit the benefit of sour cherry. The color added to the juice must be food grade. So it’s wise to buy from renowned companies.

Concentration: You can either drink premade cherry juice, without mixing water. Or, you can mix water with concentrated cherry juice. Check the label closely before buying. It can harm you if you directly drink the concentrated juice.

The advised ratio is 1:7. This means you’ve to mix 1 ounce of concentration with 7 ounces of water to get perfect juice.

What aisle is cherry juice in?

As obvious as it is, you’ll get tart cherry juice in the juice aisle of any grocery store. The juice aisle is under the beverage section.

You can also find tart cherry juice in the natural and organic sections. As it helps with joint pain, it’s possible to find the juice in the ayurvedic aisle. You can check the medicine aisle for assurance. It’s mostly beside other medical juices for better sleep.

Where to buy tart cherry juice?


Amazon has quite a lot of tart cherry juice brands on the website. In terms of flavor and good results, Dynamic Health Organic Tart Cherry is the best. It’s cheap and most importantly unsweetened.

So anyone worrying about calorie intake can easily drink this one. Dynamic Health juice offers only 40 calories per glass. Considering there is no sugar added, the taste isn’t too tart. It is well-balanced.

Indian Summer 100% Tart Cherry Juice uses real Montmorency cherries. This isn’t a concentration, rather a ready-to-drink juice. This one got huge positive responses on Amazon.

For removing body inflammation and joint pain, I strongly recommend you try Indian Summer. Although there is sugar in this bottle, the cherries are of high quality. So you are getting more benefit.

If you aren’t a fan of tart cherries but need to drink the juice to heal pain, you can try Cheribundi ORIGINAL Tart Cherry Juice. They gently press the cherries at low temperatures to retain the maximum antioxidant.

This version also has some apple juice mixed, for a better taste.


Ocean Spray Pure 100% Unsweetened Tart Cherry Juice, 32 fl oz is a huge bottle for a cheap price. This one is also unsweetened. But the calorie intake isn’t too low. Every serving has 120 calories.

You can also try Homebrew Tart Cherry Concentrate

You can use this concentration in a salad, mead, or any other juices. This comes in a thick, syrupy consistency. You should follow the 1:7 ratio for making tart cherry juice.

Dynamic Health Organic Certified Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is another one you can try. This one has worked for many people with sleep issues. Per serving is 40 cal only.

Cheribundi Original Tart Cherry Superfruit Juice is a great brand to try. The first thing I noticed is their cute packaging.

If you’re looking for ready to get drinks, try Great Value Organic 100% Tart Cherry Juice, R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice. Both come in a big bottle of 32oz and are cost-effective.


These are some of the best quality tart cherry juice in Kroger. You’ll find them all in the beverage aisle-

Simple Truth™ 100% Tart Cherry Juice (No sugar added, made from concentration)

Simple Truth™ 100% Tart Cherry Juice (100% concentrated)

Santa Cruz Organic Red Tart Cherry Juice Beverage (Apple and Cherry blend)

Lakewood Organic Tart Cherry Juice (A combination of sour cherry, apple, pear, and grape juice)

Whole Foods

Naturally, specialty stores like WholeFoods must have tart cherry juice. There is indeed quite a lot going on in the juice aisle. 

To help you, I chose some best products. 365 Organic Tart Cherry Juice, 32 fl oz is a cheap, nice drink manufactured by WholeFoods itself.

Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Juice is made from organic Montmorency cherries. No sugar or additives were added.

You can also try Lakewood Tart Cherry Concentrate Organic.


In Safeway, I found Cheribundi, Lakewood, and Open Nature brands available. You can try any of them.


Among all the other brands I have mentioned above, Cheribundi is the only one specializing in tart cherry. They offer a wide range of juices, for every occasion. 

You can try their pure concentration, which has only the cherries. Or you can try the Cheribundi Light for fewer calories.

Top 10 tart cherry juice to buy today

As we can see, tart cherry juice is famous and widely available. My preference for tart juice is Indian summer from Amazon.For concentration, I liked the Dynamic Health one best, for its low-calorie. Cheribundi is also a standard one.

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