Where To Buy Natto?

Where To Buy Natto

You have certainly tried natto once in your life whether you are a vegetarian or a food lover who loves to eat every type of food. This delicious Japanese dish is rich in nutrients and has impressive health benefits. Serving natto on the top of white rice to your family members will delight them by satisfying both stomach and mind. However, if you are having trouble finding natto in your area, this article is for you. Today we will tell you which stores sell natto as well as which online sites you should look for to buy natto.

What To Look For Before Buying Natto

When you have found a convenient place for buying natto, it is essential to check some criteria of packed natto. By doing that, you can choose the healthiest natto for yourself. Here are the factors you should check while buying natto from the super shop. 

Type of natto

As there are different varieties of natto are found, it’s essential to check which kind of natto bean you are buying. For example, both dried and fresh natto are available in supermarkets. Although the taste of both dried and fresh natto is almost the same, dried natto is easier to eat. Besides, they are convenient to carry while traveling. In addition, some supermarkets and online stores also contain natto powder that is used as a prebiotic. Therefore, you need to choose the type of natto before buying. 

Cooking Procedure

Since varieties of natto can be found in the supermarkets, their cooking procedure will also be different. However, the cooking procedure is usually written on the packaging. Therefore, you should check the cooking process while buying natto to make sure that the process is convenient for you.  

Nutrition Fact

People, especially in Asia, have been eating traditional natto for a long time because of its significant health benefits. A traditional natto meal is rich in protein, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins, riboflavin, and many more nutrients. However, it is wise to check the calorie per servings while buying natto. Usually, the nutrition fact and calorie per serving is written on the packaging.

Special cautions 

Although natto is delicious and healthy food, it can be contraindicative during several health conditions like pregnancy, a blood disorder, or surgery. Natto beans contain nattokinase that is responsible for reducing blood clotting properties of blood. Therefore, it can be unsafe for people with surgery, pregnancy, and blood disorders. However, if you limit the amount and eat cautiously, you can avoid any adverse effects. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Natto In?

Natto can be found in every Asian market in different countries. Usually, natto can be found in the frozen food aisle where tofu and other organic foods are found. Search for a medium-sized packet or jar with having a picture of natto on it.

Natto can be also found in powdered form. Therefore, you can also find natto powder in small-sized bottles. 

What Stores Sell Natto

Here is the list of supermarkets as well as online stores that are likely to sell natto in your area. 


Walmart will definitely sell natto at their physical stores and online sites. There are several Walmart stores in different areas of the USA. You can find Soybean Natto Fermented Beans, Shirakiku Mito Natto, and Soybean Natto Powder in this store.  


Amazon sells various brands of organic natto and delivers all over the USA. Therefore, you can buy Small Bean Organic Natto, Japanese Sun-Dried Fermented Beans, New York Natto Organic, and other brands in this online store.  


Kinstubu Nidwa Natto, NOW Foods Nattokinase, and other brands are available in Kroger that offers the fastest delivery to your door. 


You can enjoy convenient delivery and pickup of a lot of grocery items including natto. Instacart has Organic Migumi Natto, Asaichi Hokkaido Natto, Mizkan Niowa Natto, Azuma Natto Youki Saibai, and many other brands. 


You can get different brands of fresh and dried natto in this store. NYrture New York Natto Original and many other items are available here. 


This online store offers various forms of natto and nattokinase supplements. Here you can find Natto K-capsule, Miso Tempeh Natto, and other brands of natto. 


This supermarket offers fresh prepacked natto, dried natto, and nattokinase supplements. Mizkan Niowa Natto, Aloha Natto Prepacked, and other items are available here. 


Both Tezukuri natto and Megumi natto are available on this website. Although only one product can be purchased per order, you can buy natto in bulk from their website. 


This website sells nattokinase and every natural immunity booster at a reasonable price. Doctor’s Best Nattokinase, Lake Avenue Nutrition Nattokinase, and other brands are available here.  

Asian market  

The Asian market is very likely to sell fresh organic natto as well as dried natto. If you can find natto anywhere near your residence, try looking in the Asian market. 

Wrap Up

Natto is one of the most significant sources of plant-based vitamin K2 that is essential for our heart and bone. Therefore, a natto meal will fulfill your vitamin deficiency as well as serve as a tasty dish.

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