Ultimate Guide to Buying Watermelon Radish in The Grocery Store

Where to Buy Watermelon Radish?

Radish is an old vegetable that has been popular in Asia mostly. Watermelon radish, also known as shinrimei /roseheart, is another type of radish. The funny thing is the taste is nowhere near watermelon. But it’s packed with powerful minerals antioxidants. Despite its nutritional value, one faces a hard time locating it in the store.

Good thing is, you can use white radish, red radish, and turnip as a substitute for watermelon radish. They all taste and works in recipes identically. But watermelon radish should be our first choice while shopping. So let’s see where we can find them.

What to look for before buying watermelon radish?

Color:Watermelon radish has Fuschia or berry color inside the radish.  If they sell the radish in slices, carefully examine the colors. Some may add artificial color to the radish to make it look fresher.

Texture: The texture of a watermelon radish is just like other radish-smooth from the outside. You may gently tap or squeeze to check any damp spot. If you find any damp or soft spot, you shouldn’t buy that. It should be sturdy when pressed because this isn’t a juicy fruit.

Freshness/Odd spot: Stay away from radishes that have any weird smell or brown spot in them. This indicates the radish isn’t fresh.

Season: I always recommend buying seasonal vegetables in their season. As watermelon radish is a winter vegetable, the freshness would be at its best right then.

Which Aisle is Watermelon radish in?

Check the produce aisle in any supermarket. If you go to the store off-season, finding watermelon radish would be quite tough.

Also, check the international aisle. Watermelon radish originally came from China.

Radish, let alone watermelon radish weren’t very popular in western countries. So it would be best if you find a store run by Asian people.

If your grocery store has fresh fruit and vegetable aisle instead of a produce aisle, you will find watermelon radish there.

Where can you buy watermelon radish?


Instacart has watermelon radish, $2 for each.


WholeFood is preferably known for uncommon and healthy finds throughout the world. Definitely watermelon radish is available here.


FreshDirect is another grocery store great for vegetables and fruits. Watermelon radish is available here too.  One watermelon radish only has 10 calories. It has 30% vitamin C.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s doesn’t produce watermelon radish by themselves. But they do sell Frieda’s watermelon radish in many of their stores. This company doesn’t belong to Trader Joe’s. You will find this one in their produce section.


Safeway offers 1lb watermelon radish for $4.99.


Hungryroot also sells Frieda’s watermelon radish. Each packet contains 4 radishes.


Melissa’s World Variety Produce has been serving special produce since 1984. They sell watermelon radish– 5 pounds for $32.

Central Market Shop

You can buy one watermelon radish for $3.99 in the central market shop. They have their outlets available all over the USA.

Salad, sandwich or wraps, watermelon radish exponentially rises the aroma, color, and most importantly- the nutritional value. Unfortunately, many of the grocery stores don’t sell watermelon radish. Hopefully, it will be more popular and an internet craze soon.

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